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 The Ranks

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The Ranks
Fri Jun 13, 2014 3:32 pm

Hunters: These are the providers of the pack, without them, the pack wouldn't be able to make it. They are known for their sharp senses and agile bodies, both strong in the jaw and quick on their feet, as well as their knowledge on all kinds of prey, being the ones closest connected to other, non-wolf animals.

Lead Hunter: Moonstorm

Scouts: These wolves are responisble for searching the border of the Serene Lands, looking out for strange wolves, threats, and reporting any concerns to the Serene Gaurd, Alphas or Betas. They're known for their manuvering techniques, climbing trees, speeding away from any threat and being natural escape artists if stuck in a tight situation.

Lead Scout: Jenta

Guardians: The Serene Guard is there when the pack is danger, they fight off dangerous wild life such as bears, coyotes, and mountain lions who attack the pack, as well as break up fights between members and keep the peace and order within the pack. They're known for being the biggest and bulkiest of the pack, mostly lacking in speed but making up for it in muscle.

Lead Guardian: Argent

Healers: These wolves are the medics of the pack, aiding the injured or sick members of the pack. Out of all of the wolves, these are the closest to nature, spending a lot of time with the plants, creating mixtures of herbs, learning every illness and how to cure it, as well as helping in taking care of the pups of the pack.

Lead Healer: Ivy

Note: The following ranks may not be chosen as a joining rank, these must be earned as well as any other Lead ranking after being in the pack for at least a month.

Shaman: These are the spiritual wolves of the pack, they are who pack members go to when they need advice, as well as match makers who host ceremonies for mated couples and the birth of pups. They're known for being peaceful, and being able to connect with the Dream World and communicate with deceased members of the pack.

Shamans: Ace, Vodka, Ardire and Silk Shadow.

Betas: These wolves are second in command, right under the Alphas. They take charge when the Alphas can not, as well as assign missions and assist with whatever they can, they're most known for their loyalty to the pack and authority, being the closest to the Alphas, and most trusted by them.

Betas: Open, Azzuen, Mykka, Phynix

Alphas: These wolves are the head of the pack, they guide each and every rank and maintain order. They are the ones who choose the leads, as well as the Shamans. They deal with outsiders and make sure everyone in the pack is taken care of, no matter how high or low they fall on the rank chain, and are best known for their authority and care for the pack.

Alphas: Jenna, Faolan, Solstice, Tundra

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The Ranks

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