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 Shadow ~ le Jenlan

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Shadow ~ le Jenlan
Mon Jun 16, 2014 3:54 pm


  Nicknames~ Common ones her family calls her is generally Shaddy, Sha, Shad, etc.

Timestamp~ 1 year and a half

Straight Female

Current Pack Rank~ Pup
Aiming for~ Healer

Physical Appearance~
 Shadow's height matches her mother right at the shoulders, she didn't manage to inherit her fathers height as much as her brother did. Though she did at least manage to beat her sister Zyll in height. Her legs are generally normal for her size though her paws might be slightly too big for her, since she is constantly tripping over them. Her physique is quite slim but she does have a good builded chest. Her head is broad with a long narrow muzzle, and large ears on top. They tend to flop downwards every so often.

  Her fur isn't so fluffy like either of her parents, though her guard fur is quite lengthy. Especially around her scruff and tail fur. Her underfur is very soft and thick, but short. Shadow's tail is also very fluffy, almost like a foxes tail. It has almost a flag shape to it, and it is a lot like a husky's being able to curl naturally to her back. Shadows fur coloring is black all around, with dark brown hues here and there. She does have four white patches of fur, residing on her chin, chest and front toes. Her eyes are a mix between amber and green in each. Giving them an almost coppery glow.

Personality ~
  The yearlings most dominant behavior is the fact she loves to play games, daydream and explore new things and ideas. She is very cheerful and friendly and loves to be around her friends. Her mind seems to have a mind of its own, constantly running at a higher speed then she can process, and she tends to be very hyper-active. Her actions tend to be on impulse most of the time. She isn't very good with words and when she speaks she tends to speak her mind, not putting much of a second thought to her words before saying them.

  Shadow also finds herself unable to feel hate towards others. She instead worries for the enemies of others and sympathizes towards them perhaps more then she should. Even so she does feel anger and may attack when cornered. Although her bite is strong and she is flexible Shadow understands that she can be very clumsy at times, and feels she is incapable of being a good fighter. Her self-esteem is low and she isn't very confident in her abilities, but she does try her hardest.

  Fighting-wise Shadow is very cowardice when confronted. She hates pain and doesn't want to hurt her opponent, she often gives herself excuses why she can't fight back. Though she is air-headed and is constantly fumbling her own sentences and actions, she is a better actress then she realizes. Able to switch her personality and feign innocence or aggression when the situation calls for it. When under pressure she seems to actually be able to think a little clearer and may actually plan out her actions versus acting on impulse. Yet her impulsiveness never really does subside.

  She loves to help others, and hates to see anyone get hurt or fight. This may be what spurred her interest in healing. Shadow herself isn't all that interested foremost in plants, but as long as they help her heal others she tries hard to remember what plants are what. She seems to be interested with why some wolves act the way they do and tries to find a way to help them feel happy and included. Though for the most part she really doesn't understand what makes everyone different from each other and instead see's everyone as equals, regardless of their background.

  Shadow is quite the airhead and seems constantly off in the clouds, her imagination running wild. She isn't always aware of her surroundings, even though she does pay closer attention to the wolves she encounters. She also tends to blame herself for others misfortune around her, which is a rather bad habit of hers. Shadow is also a coward when it comes to fights and tends to cower in fear when in a dangerous situation.

  Despite her mindless disposition, Shadow does catch onto and learn about things nearly immediately. It doesn't take much for her to figure out how to solve a problem. Especially ones created from her own impulsive or air-headed acts. She enjoys helping and befriending others. And although her head is constantly in the clouds, she does pay more attention to those around her even though she doesn't seem like she is. When she is focused she is a very good listener. If she is in big danger she sucks up her fears and will fight to protect herself and others.

Talents~ She is easily taught and learns things quickly. Befriending others.

Habits~ Pacing around/Being in constant movement. Speaking her mind without thinking. Teasing her siblings. Playing games/Making things into a game.

~ Family ~
 Mother~ Jenna       Sisters ~ Malachi and Zyll
 Father~ Faolan       Brother ~ Akka

Crush/Lover~ Shadow doesn't quite understand the concept behind what love is yet.

 Friends~ She strives to be friends with everyone.

 Enemies~ None yet

*updated this so it's not so rushed anymore*
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Shadow ~ le Jenlan

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