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 Biography Guidelines/Template

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Biography Guidelines/Template
Fri Jun 13, 2014 7:08 pm

Halt! If you haven't created an account yet, it's best you do before completing this step! You will be taken to the registration page if you click this sentence! Your account's name should match that of the character you will be playing.

Joining SRP is easy! All you need to do is copy the form below, paste it in a note editor, and fill it out. After doing so, create a new topic here. That's where you'll paste your complete bio to be reviewed by a staff. It is recommended you familiarize yourself with the General Forum Guidelines and Ranks!

   Appearance:* (Must be 100 words in length.)
   Personality:* (Must be 100 words in length.)
   History:* (If included, must be at least 150 words in length.)
   Weaknesses:* (Must be 1 sentence in length.)
   Strengths:* (Must be 1 sentence in length.)

   How did you find us:
   Secret Password found in "General Forum Guidelines":* (The link to this page is given above.

And asterisk (*) marks a required field!

Please make sure that your biography meets the requirements aforementioned.

Click here for a list of ranks!

** If you are not to include your history immediately, you have two choices (1 to reveal it within the roleplay eventually and make such intentions evident or (2 to finish it at a later date. For the later (second) option, please put "To be revealed at a later date" so that we know you are working on it.

All unfinished or denied biographies more than 2 months old at the time of re-reviewment will be trashed and their account holders deleted.

If you don't feel like creating a character of your own, check out the adoption thread!

Unfortunately, no wolves are up for adoption at this time.

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Biography Guidelines/Template

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