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 Jenna the Guard Dog

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Jenna the Guard Dog
Thu Jun 19, 2014 8:53 pm

Jenna the Guard Dog

Name: Jenna
Nicknames: Jennie, Jen Jen
Age: 3 Years
Gender: Female
Rank: Alpha (Previously Guardian)
Mate: Faolan

At a Glance

Eye Color: Bright amber that always have a small spark in them.
Appearance: Unlike most wolves, the small canine's coat has an extremely soft texture to it, outgrown over the course of a year and half into a bush of snowy white, scarf-like around her neck and on the top of her legs, going to her mid chest and stopping half way to her underside. Her tail has an odd curl to it, that sometimes reaches all the way to her spine, her pure white coat being cut off by the brown tip on it. Blush pink nose that is always sniffing about and massive front paws having thick leg muscles to accompany them, built up over time by training. Her left ear is torn, though she normally hides it with various flowers she picks up. Mostly pink.


Jenna is a hyper one, one that many would label as a 'tryhard', continuously perusing something even if she fails time and time again. Her voice is always at a soft tone, like a forced whisper even though she almost always sounds excited or anxious about something. She is ever so slightly dimwitted, most jokes or insults seem to fly right over her head and over the rainbow!


Pup to Yearling

Jenna was the runt of a litter of five, being the only female born of a sled dog in a cabin out next to a forest. As the rest of her siblings, she wanted to follow in the paw prints of her mother and become a sled dog too. Though as stubborn as she is now, she was back then as well, even though her brothers often times belittled to her, to her own self, she was indeed a giant and always tried to be the 'alpha' of the five of them.
They would gather around beside their mother and listen to the stories of the 'demon dogs' who lived in the forest and the horrible things they did, like steal misbehaving pups who wandered into the forest at night and gobble them up! Being a bit more gullible than the average dog, Jenna grew scared and feared the forest along with everything in it.
Growing up, the hyper runt's build turned out to be not that favorable to that that a sled dog needed, and so she was tossed aside from training, watching as her brothers took the role she always wanted, the humans, they had doubted her. Though they saw some potential as they tagged her ear and set her in a truck, paired up with just the right mate, she could be the mother of a perfect team!
Scared, confused, and frustrated with her rejection as a sled dog, Jenna took a leap of faith and jumped out of that truck, tumbling onto the road and into the forest, the very place she feared.

Life in Serenity

After a bit of wandering around, the now stray dog was discovered by a pack of wolves, the very 'monsters' she had heard about in her mother and brother's stories, would they maul her an eat her up for being so foolish and running away?
No, they wouldn't!
Taking pity on the puny thing and deciding she wasn't a treat, the three wolves lead her to the den, where she was adopted by the pack and treated as one of them. Never before had the scrawny underdog felt so... accepted! Even by her own brothers she felt like she was always being looked down upon, here, as they fed her and taught her the ways of the wolf, she felt like she was one of them, and decided to live as one of them forever, dedicated her life to protecting them as a Guardian, spending a year and half training with Kayne and the rest of the Guards to become the stronger, hyper husky that she is today!

Wolves Met: Positive, Neutral, Negative


((If I missed anyone don't be afraid to PM me~ c: ))


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Jenna the Guard Dog

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