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 Scout the Scattered

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Scout the Scattered
Sat Jun 21, 2014 1:39 pm

Scout the Scattered

Name: Scout
Age: 2 1/2 years old
Gender: Male
Rank: Take a wild guess! Scout!

Kaze: Sister

The rest of them are like dead and stuff.


At a Glance:

Eye Color: Bright emerald, always twitching around in their sockets.
Appearance: A very scrawny little thing, Scout appears a glance, to be nothing but bones covered in white fur. He sure doesn't look underfed, but certainly looks like he could work out! He has splashes of grey on his face, as well as his ears and the same shade of grey making a stripe across his back and connecting to his tail. The same silvery grey gives him socks on his hind legs, and leg warmers on his front legs. He has a nice set of claws, however and big ears that always seem to be radaring the air.  


Extremely twitchy and random, Scout seems to be a very paranoid one, always speaking in third person and being overly determined to serve the pack! Though he doesn't seem the least bit scared, even the slightest poke of his tail causes him to jump away and stare, as if expecting something horrid! Over all, this wolf just wants to help and follow orders, though the way he does so can seem a bit odd as he doesn't seem to be all quite there... yet! He's working on it!


Well you might be asking, why is this wolf so skittish!

Born and raised in the Carpathian Mountains, Scout was a loving pup who loved the snow and loved to play in it, along with his sister Kaze even though she didn't seem nearly as fond of winter as he was. Even though they seemed quite opposite from each other, him and her were the best of friends and were as close as two siblings could be.

Everything changed when the villagers attacked.

The pup, scared and scarred as he watched his pack members fall one by one to the pale skinned monsters, was picked up along with his sister by his mother after his father was killed. Kaze was tucked into a snowbank to keep her hidden from the beasts, while Scout himself watched as her, only a small tuff of grey in the snow slowly faded away, he would never see her again as his mother continued to run and frantically try to find a place to hide her son. His site turned into a splash of white as he suddenly felt himself falling into the snow. He got up, mother, why had she stopped running? His emerald green eyes turned onto the site of laying on the ground, impaled by a spear. He could hear their angry cries ringing in his ears and see the deathly shade of red in their torches as they came closer, what was he to do, where was there to hide, was he going to die? He did the only thing he could think of and crawled under the now motionless lump of fur that had been his mother and stayed there, waiting for them to pass by and only hoping they wouldn't see him.

When he awoke, he took one last look at his mother and decided to look for his sister, wondering where she went, if she was still alive or had they found her?

After growing into a yearling all by himself, wandering his home in search of his only family, he got caught in a bear trap and was found by a small group of photographers, who reported him to a zoo that took him in and tried to rehabilitate him into walking again. After a year and a half being fed, and learning to walk again, the humans took him out to a new area, free of traps and people all together and set him free to be a wolf once again, though living in captivity seemed to take away a bit of his smarts. He found, and joined the Serene Pack, becoming a you guessed it, scout and exploring the new land he now called home and wondered if his sister had found a home too, while also trying to regain his sanity.


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Scout the Scattered

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