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 Zyll's Biography

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Zyll's Biography
Mon Aug 18, 2014 1:01 am

Name: Zyll

Nickname(s): Moony (by Shadow), Rookie (by Jenta)

Age: Yearling

Gender: Female

Rank: In training (for Scout)

Appearance: Zyll has pure white fur, a soft fluffy but kind of short coat, that seems to be a weird light blue color at night. Only because the moonlight reflects off her shiny white coat, hence the nickname 'Moony' her sister gave her. Her eyes are a misty dark green, the color looking like grass, trees, and a lagoon all together. Her paw-pads are black with red and pink spots on them. Her claws are white, hiding in with her fur. Her nose is black and the spots she used to have as a pup recently faded away. She has a small light grey birth mark on her shoulder, it being the shape of a small barn owl. She doesn't know why it's in that shape, but she loves it anyhow. She is smaller than other wolf yearlings, about the size of a small husky. She loves her size, being able to crawl through tight spots, and she is faster than most her age. Her body is slim, letting her to be able to cut through the wind quicker, helping her be even faster as she runs. Since her chest is slimmer, it cools the blood more, giving her more stamina as she runs. Her legs are long compared to her body, and her waist is thin, both letting her to make longer strides. She looks more like a husky than a wolf, looking like a mini Jenna.

Personality: Zyll loves to run and explore, her paw steps are always silent, but quick. If she really wanted to, no one would be able to notice her. She loves to try new things, and loves adventure and action. Overall, she is a kind, sweet wolf-dog, but if anyone or anything tries to harm her family and/or pack, she WILL get vicious. She may be small, but she has the will to do anything. She also loves to climb things, like a tree or a large hill. She loves to watch birds fly, preferably owls, in the sky. She thinks that they are like mystical creatures. She's not very social, but sometimes she tries to be. She is more of a watcher - watching others makes her happy, most the time. She tries to be kind to everyone, though sometimes she can be rude, as she is still learning her own inner soul. Sometimes she can be shy, though it mainly depends on how she feels during the day. Though when she is with her siblings or someone she knows well, she is more playful.

History: Zyll was born a small runt in Serenity River Pack, her parents being the Alphas, Jenna and Foalan. When she was old enough to walk, hear, and see, she left the den, even though she still did not understand the wolf language. She left to find her mother, as she went for a walk to talk to some others. As she wandered the forest by herself, she soon met Jenta, the lead scout. Then they came across other wolves and pups, creating an amazing first adventure for the little wolf-dog pup. Though, back at the den, it caused great stress for her father, Foalan, as Zyll slipped by without his notice. Once Jenna found the white runt, she brought her back home, bringing Foalan some relief. As they lay in the den, they fell asleep.

As Zyll started to understand the wolf language, she hung out more with Jenta, teaching herself to be like her one day, a good scout. She taught herself how to walk silently, how to climb well, how to hide her scent, how to go unnoticed. She is still learning, though, as she is after all only a yearling. Zyll wanted to be a scout, her determination pushing her forward as she grew, learning her strengths and weaknesses, attempting to discover new ways around her small structure. She wanted to show her true potential, feeling as she needed to show that she was not weak. Her mother, Jenna, was a husky, and she had proven to be a great canine, as she would not be an Alpha otherwise, and Zyll wanted to prove herself to the pack, even if it was not needed. The rest is still yet to come.

Weaknesses: She is smaller and weaker in strength than most, and her kindness can be a weakness for some.

Strengths: She is small, but very fast for one her age. She also has the will to do anything, which helps her.

Habits: She tends to pace in circles when she is bored.

Family: her mother is Jenna and her father is Foalan, her sisters are Shadow and Malachi, her brother is Akka

Mate: Nope, not yet.

Pups: Ha, you're kidding me, right?

Friends: Jenta, Colossith, Family, wolves. xD

Enemies: she tries not to have any

Crush: Nope 

Table made by Cola

Zyll and her sister Shadow as pups:


Zyll's Bio
Tupac's Bio

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Amazing table by Colossith ^.^
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Zyll's Biography

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