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 Postmortem~The Heartless

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Postmortem~The Heartless
Fri Jun 13, 2014 8:42 pm


Nickname:Post (By close friends), Posty (If you want to get on her bad side), Pomo (I suppose by Argent)

Age: 2 1/2

Gender: Female

Breed: Dire wolf


At a Glance...

Postmortem is an Arctic direwolf, she is bigger then most but small for her race weighing 92 pounds. Being a skilled fighter her entire life the majority of her is mostly  muscle and is quite noticeable at a close distance. As a direwolf she has huge paws and massive jaws that can crunch through bone. Her pelt is pitch black that blends into the colorless night. The thickness of her fur causes it to look soft and fluffy rather then silky and smooth. She has bright azure eyes that seem to glow in the darkest of nights. Though she has no visible scars, she does have a lot of invisible ones.

Behind the Wall of Ice...

Stubborn/Strong hearted: Postmortem stands strongly with her decisions even if everyone is against her. Having a unique way of seeing things is hard, more often then not others will not see the solution to situations as she does, however, that will never stop her from perusing them. She doesn't make choices lightly and therefore when she does it is very hard to get her to stand down. This dire wolf will never back down from a fight and is not afraid to make the first move if someone threatens her. The consequences of her actions do not usually occur to her until after the task is done and so she has nothing holding her back. It takes alot to get her to do something she doesn't want to do, she kinda has the 'my way is best' idea stuck in her head. If at first she fails then she will try again, often over analyzing the situation and finding her away around common mistake the second time. She is not one to give up, if she falls, she will get back up each time stronger and more persistent the before.

Hot head/Defensive: It doesn't take much to make her angry, actually it takes very little. If you look at her the wrong way she will hold it against you and if you think thats bad just wait until you slip up and say something she doesn't like. She doesn't solve her problems by 'talking things out' she uses actions to speak for her. To her actions speak much larger then words, hence why she will not speak often. Due to her past experiences she has a extremely hard time allowing people to get close to her and opening up for them. She if very sensitive of her past and will lash out if it it's brought up incorrectly. This is why if she ever gets the chance to get close to someone and you hurt them in any way/shade/form she will tear you the shreds. She is defensive about anything or anyone she cares about and will stick up for them through thick in thin, even if she is out numbered and out skilled.

Loner/Judgmental: Postmortem is quick to judge and because of this often gives new wolves the cold shoulder. Rarely does she take the time to truly get to know someone, unless they spark interest to her. Unfortunately, it also takes a great deal to impress her as she is easily bored. Thus making her more of a loner because she tends to not play nicely with others Since she did spend alot of time on her own before she came to Serenity large groups make her feel crowded and restricted so she tends to avoid those situations.

Sarcastic/Quiet: She learned long ago that your mouth often gets you on trouble, so she is more of the silent type. If you ever hear her speak its either to get right to the point, prove she is right, or make a snippy comment about something. Instead of answering things she finds stupid she lets her sarcasm take over. Basically, she has a quick tongue, one that does not require much thinking to say something hurtful and mean. When angry and forced to talk she has been known to get pretty sassy and will use your actions and words against you at any chance she gets.

Trust/Rough: Because of her past she has major trust issues and refuses to trust anyone. Frankly, you have to be extremely lucky to even be considered trustworthy. Trust means much to her then it does to others. It isn't simply a secret or a promise. Nor is it thrown around lightly with little to no care. It is more like a silent agreement. If she puts her trust in you, she does so with her life, and her entire well being. It is expected to go both way's and assumed that one would act without hesitation to protect the other.

Fighter: Overall she is a fighter, not by choice, but by force. She didn't choose to be like this, no one does. As a pup she was forced to grow up much quicker then she should've been and therefore had to learn to care for herself if she wanted to stay alive. Postmortem will not sit around and watch things get done for her, she refuses to get anything handed to her. She is a hard worker, always will be, and will never be anything less. Because, if your not working for what you earn then your basically getting life handed to you on a silver platter and to her that is a life she would rather be dead before she is put through it.

Inside the Frozen Heart..

Sensitive/Regret: When her old life is brought up one of two things might happen, the first one being rip your head off, or secondly she will break down. If you happen to be the one that she is comfortable and feels safe around then you might catch her in tears. She regrets many things in her life and would do many things to take them back. A long time ago she had  forced herself to forget every detail of her past life, the only reminder of how she was before was through her dreams that have eventually twisted and shifted into nightmares. When she wakes up she remembers nothing of what happened. It's hard to live a life not remembering the family that you were raised by or the land that you once called home. There are no comfortable or warm memories, nothing but the darkness fills that void now.

Caring/Soft: If you do happen to get close to her you will realize that deep down through the wall of ice around her heart, this ice princess is a sweet heart. Having a difficult past creates her to become a big softy when its comes to wolves that have a troubled history. She remembers being an outcast and picked on, so when she see's others being treat the same reason, or for whatever reason can't defend themselves she will step in.

Energetic/Creative: If you manage to catch her in a really good mood somehow she is the most energetic wolf to be around. It's easy to get bored when she's isn't sparing or learning more about the wolves that surround her. She is also probably one of the most creative wolves you will ever meet. Never short of fun things to do, she can make almost anything enjoyable, and will do so if the situation presents itself.


As a pup, Postmortem had a good life. She was from a good pack where her parents were the alpha's. One day when her and her farther were traveling across the ice they came across a young male wolf. She pleaded with her father to bring him into the pack, seeing as he had lost the family he had had. Eventually, the alpha gave into his only child's demands. The elders spent countless nights telling the two about the stories of the Shadow Pack. Warning them about what happened if they traveled to far after dark. It was said that it was a pack full of only the mightiest warriors. One wolf was supposedly stronger then both of her parents combined. It was said that they only traveled during the dark and when the days of the dark arrived, they hunted little pups who did not listen to their parents.

Postmortem and this pup grew up together, never leaving each other's sides. They did everything together. Alone, they were but two dire wolves but together they were unstoppable. They could communicate with a mere glance and soon they became the best hunters in the arctic. As they began to grow up, her parents expected more from her and Postmortem became more and more frustrated by her parents demands. The expectations they and the pack held over her was too much. She was only one wolf. Therefore, she spent a great time away from the others and instead in the den that her bestfriend had created. However, this den wasn't like any other. It was under the ice, yes but there was also something unique about it. You see, Postmortem had always loved the ocean and has always wanted to see what it was like beneath it the waters. Unfortunately, a wolf could only hold its breath for so long. On one of the wall in the den the ice had been carved so thinly that it was transparent. You could watch the animals of the ocean swim in their natural habitat.

One day, while she was speaking to her father about marriage a howl echoed through the trees, it was her mother calling for him. Being the defiant pup she was, she stormed off angry with what her father had said. She wandered the woods for some time before returning to the pack. When she arrived, the pack was grieving the death of their alpha's. Postmortem thought that it was a joke being played, she ran away...away from everyone. She kept running until she came across the bodies, as she watched the blood seep from her parents she vowed she would kill whomever was responsible. Later, she discovered it was caused by a hunting accident and that it had been polar bears that had killed them. Her uncle (dad's father) took over the pack as alpha, since she was still too young. This only seemed to drive Postmortem further away. Her uncle, wasn't the best wolf. He had a lust for power, he had never even noticed her until her became alpha. He did however, make an attempt to comfort her, it was all she could do to push him away. In the mean time, her friend had disappeared. In the time she had needed him most..he wasn't there.

As her uncle took over the pack, she trained and trained and trained. That's what she spent every waking hour doing. She believed it was what her parents would've wanted. Ever since she was a child she had been trained by the best warriors, but now it was different she wasn't training to get better, she was training to protect the one's she cares about. When she wasn't training, she was either hunting for the pack or looking for her friend. One day, there was a huge snowstorm, the biggest and first one of the year. As soon as it was over, her uncle gathered the warriors, scouts, and hunters to scavenge for anything that had survived the storm. Leaving the healers, with the pups back at the den. Instead of going with the pack, Postmortem had gone out as soon as the storm began to calm down. She couldn't wait until it settled like the pack had, she had to find him. Well while the pack was in a group, a avalanche fell on them, killing every single one of them. Eventually, postmortem had gone to where she believed her pack would be searching, only to find the bodies of the only wolves she cared about. All she could think about was the pups and the healers at the den, so she ran and ran until she could no longer and she reached the den.

From the beginning she had known something was off when she saw the lead healer laying outside of the den emotionless. She rushed inside, the stench of blood clogging her nose. The crimson liquid was everywhere, on the floor, the walls, and even outside of the den. Slowly, she walked inside past the healers, searching for the pups. When she came to the end of the cave she could a small pile of bodies stacked up. It was a sign, anyone could see that. There was only one pack that could've done such a thing...that was capable of doing something like this...the shadow pack. They had killed everyone...her family. Everyone she had grown to love. Gone. It was as if her life had been torn to pieces, her heart felt like it had been crumbled and stepped on. Nothing mattered anymore. Not even her life. At that moment, she made a decision. She would not rest, until every.single.one of the Shadow pack was dead. She was out for revenge.

Postmortem did get revenge, she spent the rest of her time blood thirsty and hunting down the wolves of the Shadow pack. The same wolves that were nightmares of the dark, that everyone in the arctic were scared of, just as she should've been. However, she was blinded by death, driven by rage, and fueled by anger. The thought of dying didn't phase her, nothing slowed her down. She found the pack too and picked them off one by one, including the pups and elderly. She didn't care if they themselves hadn't been the one that had killed her family, they were apart of the pack that had been, and that meant death. Blood for blood. She tore each of them to pieces making sure to leave the sign that the alpha had left her, she wasn't leaving one of the, alive. She was ruth less, cold, distant, determined, and relentless. Nothing was going to stop her or get into her way. When they hid, she found them, and when they ran, she caught them. This was her home, there was no where for them to go. Only did she stop her killing when she reached the alpha himself. Once the blood of the wolves that had been feared seeped into the snow was she finished. And only then did she kill his mate to leave him to wither away in the ice lands alone. Just as she had.
Now she knew why these wolves had been called the nightmares of the dark, why the wolves feared them. The pack had been full of wolves trained to kill, who lived to shed the blood of others. The story told to the young had been just as real as they were. Only now, they were not nightmares of the dark. She was.

~To Serenity~

She was haunted by her dreams as they shifted and twisted into nightmares. The howls of the young and old echoed in her head. The last thing she had remembered was going after the pack, everything after that was fuzzy. Eventually, it had been coming back to her, reminding her of the monster she was, and the lives that were on her paws. It was too much, the dark side of her had consumed her and now it was time to bury it away...far away. Everyone she had ever cared about only pulled her down, therefore they were forgotten. She needed to start over, forget everything of her past, and move on.
And that's exactly what she did, she forget everything and everyone in her past, buried the memories of the arctic and moved forward. One paw at a time, that was all it took to leave the icy lands. It was a long and dangerous journey, but eventually she needed up stumbling upon a new land.

After settling into the lands of Serenity, she isolated herself from her fellow pack mates, afraid of growing to close to any signal wolf. While she never became completely comfortable with the new lands, she was willing to do anything and everything for her new found pack. She was there threw thick, thin, and was glad to put her skills to use. The first wolf she met was completely accidental and happened to save her life as she said hers. Because of this, they both had a silent respect for the other. Time passed and after a while she became accustomed to being bothered by annoying members of the pack. She learned to ignore most if them, but there were a few that got to her in good and bad ways. There was a time when she had met a he wolf, one that for some odd reason she felt different around him. She noticed herself letting her guard down, slipping and showing the gentler side of her. She didn't know why and was utterly confused to why is was happening and she hated it. Why him...out of everyone else...who was he. Argent, not a name that rung a bell to her.
After a while of getting to know one another, the he wolf and Postmortem took a trip to receive an object that the he wolf had left in the arctic. She had only agreed to go with Argent because it was her home and she would know her way around the empty terrain. As they embarked on their journey she began to get flashbacks of a life unfamiliar to her, of her life before the Serenity lands. Memories that had been fuzzy, foreign, and had only appeared in her nightmares. This didn't stop either one of them as they continued on their long quest. Although, they did run into problems, Postmortem was stopped by a Elsa while traveling through a cave separated from Argent. She threatening to tell him what she had done and to harm him. While the shewolf threatened her, her memories became more apparent, and her temper wavered. She refused to let anything happen to Argent and therefore took him to a location she knew he would be safe. Her old den. Upon arrival, surprise flooded through her as she moved around the den that was created by an old friend. All of it was coming back to her. Realization hit her like a brick as she discovered why she felt so at home around the he wolf she was accompanying. He was her friend, the one from her childhood, the one she had gone to search for, and had believed dead. It was him. After all this time, he was right next to her. Both of them had chosen to erase the memories of their past and only when they returned to the place they both treasured the most did they remember.
Unfortunitly, those of Elsa's pack...the new shadow pack created by the alpha she had left to die, had found them, and escorted them back to their territory. Postmortem would've killed them again, done it all over again as she did before. What did it matter if she died? Her bestfriend was alive. But that was just it, she couldn't go in a killing spree and protect him at the same time, and she refused to let him get hurt. They were brought to a large..what seemed to be castle of ice, the walls of the den stained red for the lived that had spilt on these grounds. This is where they came face to face with Alcaster, the he wolf that had re created the Shadow pack from dust, and the wolf she had left for dead. He was as much as a monster as she was. So you would imagine how Postmortem felt when she heard that he was Argents brother, the brother he had been close to before getting separated from his family, and going to live with her pack. You don't choose family This made her even more hesitant to make a move and that's when Alcaster presented her with a choice. Kill him while the pack kills Argent or kill the pack. She wanted more then anything to kill him, to end things where they should've been ended. But how could she? That's just it, she couldn't, she couldn't but Argents life in any more danger then it was. He wasn't going to die because of her.
So she did what she had to and tore apart the pack. She allowed the rage and darkness that had been buried, kept hidden half her life resurface, and control her once more. One by one, slicing and tearing them to pieces. The two fought side by side, their movements smooth, in sync, until she faced off with the alpha.

She remembers feeling cold, seeing blood dripping from her coat onto the pure snow. Though the last thing she remembers is seeing Argent face his brother while her body crumbled onto the ice.

~Awoken once again~

Postmortem felt as if her lungs were on fire, she had shot up gasping for air. Bodies scattered the ground, the blood covered by snow. Her body ached from the large gash on her side, though right now it was the least of her worries. Argent was no where in sight. The place seemed to be deserted and lifeless Confusion had settled over her, what was happening, why was she here. How was she alive. That was just it, she hadn't been. That day she had died and months later here she was breathing once again.

(Will be continued and edited later)


Anyone that gets close to her and then gets hurt is her greatest fear. She has had the one's that mean the most to her ripped and torn from her life at an early age and she is very scared that she is cursed. Sometimes she believes that it is because other wolves around her that they get hurt, often she blames herself. Reliving her past and turning into the wolf she once was is an unthinkable concept for her, she refuses to even consider it possible because she is scared that she wont be able to stop herself.  


Since she is a bigger wolf and has dedicated most of her life to learning the skills of a guardian she is a amazing fighter with fast reflexes. She is also very good at reading emotions, face expressions, and actions and even prefers to get to know someone by actions rather then how they speak. Over the years of watching others she has picked up a lot and has become good at hiding her own emotions.


She hates narcissistic wolves with a passion, to her its unbelievable how one could be so consumed by themselves that it makes them completely oblivious to the one's around them. She also dislikes the trait of over confidence, to some extent she doesn't mind it. For example if they are simply speaking about it in a jokingly manner, or bring it up a few times, then so be it. It is when it gets out of hand and one constantly boosts about the impossible that fuels her temper, making her want to show the wolf how weak it truly is.

Habits: Spacing out thinking about her past.

Family: Dead as far as she knows.

Pups: Never going to happen

Mate: Still never going to happen. She's not the mating type.
Crushes: Haha funny...who would ever like her?

Wolves met: Postive Neutral Negative

Jenna: Neutral
Tundra: Postive
Solstice: Neutral
Phynix: Neutral
Argent: Postive
Grumm: Neutral
Jenta: Negative
Bloodglaze: Neutral
Thirteen: Neutral
Silver: Neutral
Eliza: Neutral
Caelum: Neutral
Sora: Neutral
Alacline: Neural
Kira: Negative

*Life's a mystery waiting to be discovered*

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Postmortem~The Heartless

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