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Fri Jun 13, 2014 8:45 pm

Dreams aren't what you leave behind in the morning,
They are the stuff that fill your every living moment.

~David Cuschieri



Nicknames:Vio Or Vi

Age:3 1/2



Species: She is 1/2 Coyote and 1/2 Great Plains Wolf (Also known as a Coywolf)

Voice: Mandy Moore

Theme Songs:
-Obvlivion by Bastille
-Smoke by Daughter
-Wonderful Life by Smith & Burrows
-King by Lauren Aquilina

Scent: Piney sort of musk to her,with a light almost lemony hint of smell.


Appearance:Violet has smooth light brown fur with hints of red,black and some white  in it,that tufts out more at the chest/neck area making it look longer there.She has a small,petite build than average wolves (this is due to her coyote heritage).She also has a black crescent shaped mark on her behind that then almost blends in with her coat color.Her chest fur has a white color to it the goes up her muzzle half way and then on her under belly.Her front paws have a black coloring to them like her marking but her back paws have her light auburn coat color.Though she does have a more coyote build,her physical facial features bear no hint of her ancestry. When she grew up her eyes never grew out of the puppy blue color,but they had established some spots of pale green.When encountered,she looks more built for running rather than fighting,so if it came down to a fight the intimidation factor would for not work for her.She has a almost permanent sweet and calm look about her but when shes aggravated her sweet looks will contort into a menacing look,though this happens on a rare occasion.

Extra Items: She has a long dark purple colored scarf wrapped around her neck.  


Personality:Violet has always had a sweet and caring personality to those she is friends with.She has a very quiet demeanor about her,not very one to speak her mind often.When faced with a stranger she will be quite friendly,but have some nervousness toward the new wolf.She has a good sense of humor and will joke around a lot around company.When in life or death situations,she will panic and be quite frightened,often running away in terror or just plain freezing up like a statue,her mindset reasoning with her that if shes frozen and not moving,the danger cannot find her.
Contrary to her pleasant attitude,Violet has quite the temper when faced with challenged or rude wolves,often exploding if her buttons are pushed too much. (This almost got her drowned once. A frozen lake + A bad temper = bad)
She is not at all one for violence and will shy away from it once it rears its ugly head.
She is timid when other wolves speak really low when standing by her left side because she is slightly deaf in her left ear.Her mind tends to pull her deep in thought which she can stand to be in for hours on end,though she does not do this as often when she was younger.She often tries to hides the fact that she is part coyote (though it is sometimes very obvious),as some wolves do not like coyotes.

Overall traits:

  • Sweet/Kind
  • Humorous
  • Shy/Quiet
  • Detests Violence
  • Sometimes Timid


History:On a sunny spring day,Violet was born into a small family of wolves.She had 2 brothers and 2 sisters,one whom died at birth.Violet being the second biggest of the bunch.Her father would disappear time after time,going to check up on the pack that lived right next to the territory in which Violets family stayed. Unbeknownst to lil' Vi',her father actually had come from the pack. He had lived there for all of his youth until he turned age 4 where he escaped with his coyote love (Violets mom) to live with her and raise a family of pups with the beauty.However,the pack Violets dad had come from were very Coyote prejudice,thinking they were the scum of all species.Most coyotes they had caught on their territory would be executed for any reason,from stealing prey to just plain trespassing on their territory.Violets dad had caught Violets mom sneaking into the territory and had instantly fallen in love with her,sparing her from certain death.Once they had the set of pups they had dreamed of,they lived secretly in a small cave in fear of the pack discovering their whereabouts.Once Violet had reached 1 year of age,the pack had discovered them.
With no questions asked or answered,they dragged the whimpering family toward the clearing where they held pack meetings.
"WELL WELL!" Violets grandfather,the pack leader, had exclaimed in his voice so sharp it could cut through the thickest of metals.Violet had pressed against her mother and father,whimpering and trembling."WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE!" Her grandfather barked,causing Violets ears to press against her head as she looked to her other trembling siblings.Her grandfather gazed at them all with cold,beady eyes,no warmth in them at all.He spewed some insults at them,some Violets mother had made her never to speak of.He had called her dad a 'blood traitor',claiming he had forsaken the great wolf ancestors he had descended from.Her father had not trembled,nor had he ever took his defiant gaze away from his fathers unloving eyes.Violet looked at her father,feeling a swell of pride in her tiny furry chest.She looked up and had stopped trembling,gazing her grandfather just like her father was doing,right in the eyes.Her grandfathers gaze moved to her,which caused her blood to run cold.
"A defiant pup are we?" He had growled,motioning with his head forward to the guards."Bring her closer,I want to see my granddaughter." Her mother yelped,leaping forward to protect her darling daughter.The guards had sprang forward,blocking her form advancing anymore. One guard had come over,grabbing Violet by the scruff of her neck.He had dropped her at the foot of the ledge in a heap.She had scrambled to get up,now fully trembling in fear again."So this is one of the filthy blood pups?" Her grandfathers voice was a murmur but it cut,clear as day,like a sharp knife through the clearing."Maybe if I killed this one,the ancestors would forgive me for having such a disgraceful son." Her mother and father had howled in anger,struggling to move forward toward the small pup.Violet scrambled a bit backward,tears streaking down her face."Mommy!" She had wailed in fear,looking back at her mother.Her mother growled with rage,tearing through the crowd of guards toward her pup.The guards had her quickly pinned then,one raising his hefty paw and striking her violently on her head,killing her instantly.Violets dad howled in grief,beating his paws on the ground.Violets grandfather had smiled,signaling the guards to take the small family,now minus a mother,to be held prisoner in the territory."Wait a minute." He had raised a paw,signaling the stop of the guards herding the grieving family."Bring me the female again." He had commanded,his voice stern. The guards had nudged Violet,almost gentler this time as if they were sorry for killing her mother,to the giant scary wolf.As Violet looked up in fear,the graying wolf raised his paw,striking her upon the left side of her head.Violet cried out,but her father just looked on silent and numb.Violet scrambled to her paws,clearing her head of the hefty strike."I-I can't hear!" She hollered,cocking her head to the left."I CAN'T HEAR OUT OF MY LEFT EAR."She wailed,sobs wracking through her small body.
The guards had kept them captive for 2 weeks until the small family managed to escape.Her father had grabbed each pup,one by one and dropped them off deep in the forest,far away from the pack lands.Violet was the last one to be taken.Her father had taken her,deep in a dark forest and left her there without a backward glance.
"DADDY! DADDY!" She had wailed,sitting in a heap on the forest floor.

Violet had taught herself to survive in the dark forest as best as she could,intent on proving her father and mother proud by growing up to as smart and resourceful as they were.
When Violet turned 3,she stumbled upon the Serenity River Pack and decided to join them.

I can't say the words outloud,
So in a rhyme I wrote you down,
Now you'll live through the ages,
I can feel your pulse through the pages,


Weaknesses:The hearing in her left ear will go in and out from being hazy to not being able to hear at all,this causes her to be timid when wolves are speaking on her left side.

Strengths:She is very light on her feet which helps her maneuver fast through the forest,She can also withstand long distance sprinting.

Talents:She can run a tremendous amount of distance and get very little winded.

Habits:She has a habit of tilting her head to the left side so she can hear better with her right,She also often goes deep in thought at random times,another habit is that she hums a lullaby her mother used to sing to her.

-Unnamed;Sister;deceased;death at birth;malnourished







I have written you down now,
You will live forever,
And all the world will read you,
And you will live forever


☀️Apollo☀️ |Acadia|

~Avvie made by Jenna❤️
~Signature made by Kaala❤️

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