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 Ivy~ The Gentle

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Second Character : Ivy
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Ivy~ The Gentle  Empty
Ivy~ The Gentle
Fri Jun 13, 2014 9:03 pm


Nickname:V by her close friends.

Age: 3

Gender: Female

Rank:Lead Healer

Scent: Lavender  

From Afar..

Pelt color: Pure white as snow. The top of her body is un touched, while, the bottom is touched by fire. The tips of her ears, paws (kinda like she's wearing socks) and underbelly are a light amber-brown color.

Build: Ivy is a small wolf, smaller then most weighing in the low 80's. She has currently no visible muscle either.  

Eye color: Her eyes are so light they almost appear clear, but they have the slightest tint of light blue colored in. Causing her eyes to look a light icy blue.

The Inside..

Caring/Warm hearted: Ivy is nothing but caring, she cares about everyone even if she doesn't know them. Believing that everyone had a soft and nice side deep down. It doesn't matter who you are or what you've done, she holds no grudges and will always strive to bring out the best in people. She is warm hearted to everyone she meets no matter who or what they are.

Self conscious/Observant: She is extremely self conscious despite what anyone tells her. Whenever someone looks at her she can only assume they are picking out her flaws. She will never believe she is anything but not beautiful. Although she herself is always aware and observant of who or what is around her, how they act and their appearance. This is where her qualities of a healer kicks in, one needs to be aware of their surroundings if they are to learn and/or remember where the plants are in the territory.

Shy/Nervous: Being shy causes her to become nervous, its a chain reaction. Since she is self conscious about her appearance she gets shy talking or being around others for too long. She isn't exactly sure how to react around others and although she's working on it, this makes it hard for her to start a blooming conversation.

Smart/Clever: Herbs and plants aren't the only thing that she know. Ivy is skilled with the knowledge of a guardian as well, although she would never disclose that information or use it to her advantage. In fear that she will be judged, she allows herself to keep her hidden skill a secret. Although, you might catch her observing the techniques of those in training, as she likes to be self taught. She also knows how to get around tough and sticky situations. Ivy is a problem solver, she likes to find a solution to a situation as quick as possible, though she makes sure that her plan holds no visible flaws before sharing.

Quick on her feet/Determined:Always thinking on her feet this healer is always ready for anything that it thrown at her because the one time she's not someone's life could be on the line. It might be easy to catch her off guard but it doesn't take her long to catch onto a concept or plan. She had an extensive knowledge of healing and can heal just about any injury and is determined to help as many wolves as she can. Even if mother nature is fighting against her, she will always find a way to help.

Polite/Flirty:She is probably the most poliet wolf you will ever meet. She will always excuse her self and even apologize even if it wasn't her fault because that's how she was raised to respect people. Sometimes she is even too friendly to people, so nice that is unintentally becomes flirty.

Confident/Respectful: Most of the time being a shy wolf, its a truly amazing sight when she becomes focused on something because she becomes confident. Not only does she have no idea when its happening but it also shows apart of her not many get to see. But whether she is confident or not, its a fact that she will indeed treat you with respect until you give her a good enough reason for her not to.

Strong/Tough: As a healer she is naturally calm and kind but if you get on her bad side she will never forget. More importantly if you ever anger her enough or heart anyone close to her heart she will tear you apart physically, and mentally.

Loyal: She devotes everything to the pack, and is 110% loyal to her alpha's and beta's. She would never do anything to disrespect them or disobey their commands, nor would she put up with anyone else doing so.

History Unlike most wolves Ivy came from a perfect family and perfect pack. From the moment she was born her parents expected her to be a healer, thus naming her Ivy. Because of this they had her practice healing at a very early age and focus on plants rather then enjoying life. Throughout her life her she always knew deep down she would be a healer, but she also wanted to know how to defend herself if she needed to. As a pup she started to take secret guardian lessons on the side from one of her friends. If her parents ever found out they would this as a form of disrespect and the last thing she wanted to do was disappoint them. But she couldn't help herself, she had to learn how to protect herself. She truly had the perfect life until she grew up and decided that she wanted a change in scenery, that's when things turned upside down. (More on that in the rp)

Weakness Her own looks, she is very self conscious about her apperence. She also tends to trip over her feet quiet often, being quiet the clumsy one. Darkness is one of her greatest fears is scares her because its unpredictable.

Strengths She is surprisingly strong despite her appearance and is very skilled in the arts of fighting (although you will probably never see this side of her).

HabitsIvy has been watching guardians train throughtout her life while training behind her family's back, so you might catch her watching a sparing match assessing their techniques.

Family: Unknown

Mate: None

Pups: Nope

Wolves Known: Positive Neutral Negative

Kilian: Neutral
Eliza: Neutral
Aenima: Positive
Jenna: Neutral
Kira: Positive
Sora: Positive
Silent Angel: Neutral
Namara: Neutral
Tancered: Positive
Nefer: Positive
Raj:  Neutral
Nick:  Neutral
Violet: Positive
Axel: Positive

*Life's a mystery waiting to be discovered*

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Ivy's table made by Nixxy
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Ivy~ The Gentle

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