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 Jenta the stubborn

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Jenta the stubborn  Empty
Jenta the stubborn
Fri Jun 13, 2014 9:03 pm

Jenta the stubborn  Hj

Jenta the stubborn  Jenta-10

|Wolfs Name|


Jents if you know her well enough
Aunty Shiny (Zyll Only)

Four Years Old



Dire Wolf

Lead Scout

|Appearance Of Wolf|
Jenta the stubborn  Hj

|Coat and Pattern/Markings|
Jenta has white fur that is fairly thick around her underbelly and on her tail of which the tip fi a light grey. Also around her right eyes she has a dark black patch that stands out against in snow in the winter. Unlike some wolves the pads of Jenta's paws are jet black rather then the light pink coloring. Also an unusual feature Jenta's nose and claws are both white blending in with her fur.
In the summer and late spring her fur does thin out keeping her body cooler from the sun. Having that her fur does not shed often it makes it easier for herself when it comes to grooming, though it still takes her some time to keep her fur clean and white.

Jenta has large eyes that are deep blue the color of the sea. Sometimes the color in her eyes may chage to a lighter
blue, she doesn't know why they change but they do.

Growing up the way she did she has quite some scars. From the fights she has scars on her rump on both sides and on her right
side mostly hidden under her fur. She also has scars on her shoulder also hidden beneath her fur and a nip out of her right ear.

Jenta has a black collar with sharp white spikes on it from when she was in the arena. Each of the high ranking fighters from each group had a sort of momentum or item that was to show high ranking. And hers was the collar.

Jenta is a very large wolf who stands at 47 inches tall , she has long legs and a tall torso. She is very strong and muscular in her legs, shoulders and upper body. From looking at her you can definitely tell she is strong.
She is very skilled in battle and was tied top fighter with other wolf in the fights. Growing up being trained to fight she is also very fast and agile in battle and in general.
Even thought most large wolves don't have good balance Jenta has large paws which gives her good balance and helps when it comes to climbing.

Jenta the stubborn  Jenta-13

Jenta the stubborn  Hj

Jenta is a very stubborn and hard headed wolf, When it come to many things she hates asking for help or being helped she likes to do things on her own. When it comes to many things she has no patience at all she can't just sit and wait forever for something, therefor hinting why she works alone.
She is also courageous and very self-confident, being one of the top fighters she has never doubted her abilities and herself. Being that way she will never back down from a challenge and give up.
Over the years she has gotten very tough and can be angered  very easily.Growing up fighting she doesn't trust most wolves, the only way to gain her trust is you can prove to her she can trust you or on a very rare occasion she will just get the feeling to trust you.
Jenta prefers to be alone and on her own, she will go and converse with wolves but if there are to many wolves around she will most likely leave and go off on her own. If she considers another close to herself if she crosses them she will stay and be with them. Though if she considers one a friend she will never say it to them only show it to them through her actions.

|Common States Of Mind|
When it comes to Jenta's mood there are basically three states; generally good mood, blah mood and I hate everything mood. Though she can be quite the complex wolf her moods are limited as she rarely cares for others. With these few moods one can easily distinct them from one another, and if not then they are either dumb or blind. Also on the notes of three Jenta also has three states on her views of others. She either; despises you, tolerates you or is utterly loyal and likes you. Though if she likes you she will never speak the words but will rather show it with her actions.

Though Jenta has no religious views she still has views on life and other wolves. Jenta views life as nothing more then a test, a test to prove your worth and how long you get to continue living. So the stronger the wolf the longer they live because they have proven that they are worth living. It's a strange way of seeing things but it's how she sees it. So wolves and other creatures who are weak or not worthy are a waste of space and breath to her and normally don't live as long as the stronger of the species. It's the survival of the fittest in her mind. She does acknowledge thous who are mind smart as strong as well, though Jenta is more body strong she see's the good in being head strong and does not consider them weak for the most part.  

When it comes to morals Jenta has a very twisted sense. Because she can be a very loyal and trustworthy, but only to the right wolves who have earned her trust. Which is a circle of very few individuals. Then on the flip side she has a hard time with keeping herself in control in regards to her anger and emotions, she is bluntly honest which hurts many others in the making. She doesn't care though, that is just who she is, she has a complete disregard for the feelings of those outside her circle.  Even those within her circle she doesn't consider their feelings that often. So when it comes to the balance or her morals, it can't be said that they are either bad or good. Because in a sense they can be both in twisted ways making it hard to really place her in one place or he other.

Jenta the stubborn  Hj

Attack: ♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠
Endurance: ♠♠♠♠♠♠
Hunting: ♠♠♠♠♠♠
Strength: ♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠
Speed: ♠♠♠♠♠
Defense: ♠♠♠♠♠♠
Tactics: ♠♠♠♠
Swimming: ♠
Jumping: ♠♠♠♠♠
Climbing: ♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠
Stealth: ♠♠♠♠♠♠♠
Leadership Skills: ♠♠♠♠♠
Herbal Knowledge: ♠

Doesn't tend to follow orders and is very honest weather its something mean or nice. Jenta doesn't work well with others and like to do things her way.
She hats peppy and overly happy wolves, they just bother her and she tends to stay away from them.

She is very skilled in battle and hunting, as well she is good and sneaking around and not being seen. She also is a skilled climber being able to jump to high places.
If she likes you she will stand by you and will be loyal to you.

Scent: ♠♠♠♠♠♠♠
Second runner up on the scale of her top senses comes her scent. Though not her top sense she still has an easy time tracking and catching familiar and un familiar scents. Being able to follow a scent for miles even some time after the body being there it helps in making her skills as Lead Scout suitable for the position.

Sight: ♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠
Being a Dire Wolf Jenta has the advantage that her body already stands farther from the ground than other wolves. Already giving her an advantage with her sight. On top of that her sight is her top sense allowing her to see further than some others and noticing other things faster.

Hearing: ♠♠♠♠♠♠
Having an average hearing range she can tune out certain things and focus on others. As well as being able to hear things from a decent range.

Taste: ♠♠♠♠♠♠
Having an average sense for taste she has never really been one to focus on the taste of what she eats. Yes she does have her food preferences but it's not one of her stronger senses making her care less about the taste and more about what she is tasting.

Touch: ♠♠♠♠
Having being trained to fight and to resist pain Jenta has a huge pain tolerance which gives her not a very strong sense of touch. She can tell when something touches her but it's texture and feeling doesn't really register with her unless she really focus's on it. Which is something she could care less about.

Climbing, fighting and making people angry

Getting close to others

To be alone

|Preferred Kills|

|Non Preferred Kills|

|General habits|
Jenta likes to sit a rest in trees and be on her own or she likes to go off running and hunting. Every once and awhile she like to listen to other
wolves conversations to she doesn't feel out of the loop.

|Commonly Found|
Since Jenta is a solitary wolf she is often found on her own mostly in the woods climbing around in the trees or perched up on a high ledge. If not in the woods the she can be found where not many others are to have herself some peace and quiet.

|History of Jenta|
Jenta the stubborn  Hj

Before the age that she could even remember her family she was taken by hunters/poachers. Taking her to a remote location she was trained vigorously every day to fight and kill. Being trained to fight and kill other wolves and large dogs she finally became strong enough to be put into the arena, staring to fight younger than most she was easily underestimated by the other competitors. During these training she was trained with another wolf her age named Zaz, being with this wolf constantly Jenta slowly grew to like and trust him. Through out her times Zaz was the only wolf she has truly ever trusted. But being the size and strength she was she could fight others with ease. Quickly working her way to the top Jenta became the top competitor by the time she reached two years of age. As a sign of her accomplishment she was given the spike collar that she now wears, it is something that she wears in pride that she is top dog.

A few months and scars later Jenta was given the opportunity to travel to fight other competitors. When reaching a new arena one day her cage was accidentally left unlocked by one of the new handlers, curious Jenta made her way out of her cage a snuck her way out of the building and into the unknown. Even though Jenta loved the life she had and had no anger against the people she made the rash decision to run. Running into the woods and away from the place she found herself into something she didn't know anything about. On her own for awhile she found herself in the boarders of Serenity River. Even though she had a hatred for other wolves being raised the way she was she found herself joining this pack. Now part of this pack she went through things she had never before, she still doesn't get along with other wolves and doesn't like them for the most part she has learned to tolerate them and even make friends with a select few.

After being with the pack for almost a year Jenta felt a longing to go back to her old life, along with missing Zaz and having the urge to fight. For being in the pack she missed the fights and that was something that was forbidden. So leaving the pack unexpectedly Jenta went off on her own to regain what she had lost, finding the place she had last fought she came to find it empty and abandoned. Filled with pain and anger Jenta left only to be alone again. Along this she came to another packs territory that was aflame with fire, making her way casually around this she came across another wolf, Sadie. For some strange reason Jenta found herself following this stranger wolf to the Concrete forests (Which she had been before). Jenta had been there before but this wolf seemed very keen on going there. Traveling there with Sadie Jenta had learned quite a bit about this wolf in a short amount of time for they liked to talk. After bringing the wolf there Jenta realized that she missed Serenity River, even though she liked being along from others she missed the pack, for they had grown on her even if she didn't like a good amount of them. Leaving Sadie she headed straight back for Serenity River. Reaching her goal she came back to the pack, even though she had changed a bit she was still glad to be back (even though she wont show it).

Being with the pack now for a total of a year and a half Jenta continues to stay with them. Though she considers herself not one of them she has grown close with a few of the members and also finding herself reunited with her so called sister Ace. Though Ace and herself have some similarities in appearance Jenta refuses to believe her, she has no memory of her family but not trusting others easily she see's no reason to believe the fem. So continuing on in disbelief she has learned to tolerate the fem and just ignores her attempts to convince her of their blood status. Along with other things Jenta has grown close with one of the Female Alpha's Jenna. Learning to trust and tolerate the fem's perky personality she has stayed by her side being there when she needed assistance. Because of their friendship this has earned Jenta with the rank of Lead Scout, though Jenta considers herself not much of a leader she still like the opportunity to tell others what to do.  

Jenta the stubborn  Hj

~ Jenna
~ Blaez
~ Ace (sort of)
~ Sadie
~ Crescendo (Out of pack)
~ Zaz (Out of the pack)
~ Zyll (Her adopted niece)

~Sorta dat gurl, more like not on good terms with one another

None, but even if she did she would never say

Doesn't remember

Doesn't Remember

Ace~Alive (doesn't really think they are related)
Doesn't remember so she doesn't truely believe Ace when she claims they are sisters even though they are same breed and look somewhat similar.

|Mate Or Pups|
Currently none


|Jenta's Howl|
first howl in the clip)

|Her Song|

|Activity Level|
High a definite 10/10

(c) Myself
Jenta is a completely original character of mine, my first character actually. So all copyright for her goes to myself. She is my pride and joy. My baby :3

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Jenta the stubborn

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