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 Saluki~ The goofus

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Second Character : Aleah
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Saluki~ The goofus
Sat Jan 24, 2015 11:23 am

  Nickname(s): Sal
  Age: ehh newborn i guess you could say
  Gender: Male
  Rank: Pup
  Species: Wolf/Siberian mix
  Appearance: He has blue eyes and his fur is a mixture of black and white. Under neath his eyes are two black bags you could say. His back is a black that looks like it has a white tint to it. His paws are white up to his shoulders where it evens out to a black. The black on his shoulders curve to his chest where it turns into spike looking parts. His tail is black to the tip of it where it then turns into a white. The rims of his ears are black while the insides are white.
  Personality: Saluki is what most of us humans would call the troublemaker in class. The goofball. What ever else. He loves to play and roam off looking for adventures. He tends to get the whole gang in trouble when he does this. He tends to be a little bit on the wild side, loving to romp around all the time. He likes to mess with the little wild life around the den. He means it in a good way though, not wanting to hurt the animals. When he grows older though, he will be much more serious and tend to be less energetic. He doesnt know if he wants to be a healer like his father since he has a love for helping animals in need or a scout since he likes to roam and hide.

  History: Pup, y'all are his history xD
  Weaknesses: Not being the brightest in the world, he tends to get himself in lots of trouble
  Strengths: He can easily make people like him.
  Talents: He can keep himself very hidden at all times if he wishes. Hard to find him basically.
  Habits: When he runs he has a tendency to stick his tongue out

  Family: Shade, Hyran and his siblings
  Mate: too young
  Pups: he is one
  Friends: Not yet
  Enemies: Nerbert
  Crush: nahhh

  How did you find us: This is my 3rd charrie already Buttt...found y'all on Top 50 wolf RPGS.
  Secret Password found in "Guidelines": Do i need it guys??


Credit to Jens for Avvie and Kaala for Siggie
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Second Character : Lilly Karusan, Ahreth
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Re: Saluki~ The goofus
Sat Jan 24, 2015 12:10 pm

Awesome, he's really cute

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Second Character : Kira, Kael and Bloodgaze
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Re: Saluki~ The goofus
Sat Jan 24, 2015 12:24 pm

Daww Saluki is fabulous <3


Signatures made by Kaze
Cola and Kira`s table made by Jens.
Kael`s table made by Raj.
Avatar made by Jens <3
Hmm...I dont have a bio for kael anymore...wtf?
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Second Character : Tupac
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Re: Saluki~ The goofus
Sat Jan 24, 2015 2:49 pm

AH, great pup charrie <3 xD


Zyll's Bio
Tupac's Bio

Avatar made by Jenna <3
Amazing table by Colossith ^.^
Both sigs made by Kaze :D
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Re: Saluki~ The goofus

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Saluki~ The goofus

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