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 Kael The polite Wolf

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Kael The polite Wolf
Fri Jun 13, 2014 9:12 pm






2 and a half.



Body structure:

Kael is an average wolf size. He isn`t to tall or small. He also isn`t skinny nor fat, he`s just okay.

Fur Colour(s):

Kael has a mix of three colours:dark brown, white and dark grey. The back of his ears is white and so are his paws. Kael had a grey belly and the top of his tail is grey too. His face is grey, which looks like a mask. The rest of the fur is all dark brown.

Eye Colour(s):

Just like his father,Kael has gorgeous silvery blue eyes.



Scars (if applicable):

He has a medium sized scar on his left eye that was made by his father.


Kael is a very kind wolf. He dislikes seeing violence or being involve into some violence situational problems because he thinks it`s unecessary and that it is just a waste of time. Kael is afraid of being unrespectful to others which is the reason why he doesn`t speak up for himself because he thinks it`s rude. There is another reason which is because he fears that he will get attacked and that is what he`s trying to run away from:Fights. Kael isn`t brave or anything. He trips everywhere and is very clumsy at times. At times Kael can be a real gentleman, but other times he can be so serious. He also enjoys asking plenty of questions, but in a low tone because he dislikes talking loudly.


Kael likes to see everyone happy, but deep inside he knows perfectly well that this is impossible.


He dislikes fighting or causing problems. He also dislikes how his father treated him at last.


None,he has always been lonely.


Never would Kael have an enemy,no matter what.

Old Pack:



Brother:Cody now dead.
Mother:Maila now dead


The brown/white and grey wolf was borned in an extremely small cave. He was the first one being borned followed by his brother, Jay and than Cody who was the youngest of the family. He had to live in pack called Despair which consits mostly of only violence. At the age of 1 when Kael and his brothers were old enough, his father, Eleven decided to teach them how to defend themselves and fight. Kael had no trouble to learn compared to his brothers. The three pups soon became young warriors.

Kael was the one who his father mostly liked somehow. He looked exactly liked his father and was as good as him in fighting combats.

On a cold morning, Maila the mother was found dead on the grass, near the cave. She seemed to have been bitten many times in the neck, and her body was full of scratches. Kael didn`t know how to react, he showed no facial expression. Instead he swallowed the pain, just like a warrior does. He looked down at his mother. It was HIS mother..he could hardly believe it. It was one of the only person he loved more than anything else..but she was gone now. She hadd left him. That day, Kael started wondering who could have done such a thing, but it brought him no where.

The next day, during the afternoon Cody was found dead near the lake. He was the second family member who had died within two days. Something was clearly wrong, but Kael had no clue. This time, Kael allowed himself to let go a couple of tears, as he seemed broken hearted. This was the day when his life changed.

Kael started to dislike fighting. He figured it was useless and it was only harmful. He decided to move on and become someone good as he saw himself as a bad one before. The only proble was that his father didn`t accept it. His father refused Kael to change, he was obligated to be exactly like him,but that wasn`t what Kael want.

Things started to get worst between Kael and his father. They would argue almost all day long and Jay,who is Kael`s brother would just stare at them feeling bored.

One day, things passed the limited. Eleven scratched Kael`s face, which is the reason he now has a scar. Dissapointement shown in his eyes, while water filled Kael`s eyes. He couldn`t believe his dad had done this to him..to his own kid. Both Kael and Nine seperated from eachother. Nine stayed, while Kael ran away far away promising to never put a paw back in his homeland.


Kael has a soft and calm tone of voice with a british accent.


He doesn`t have any talent. Kael is just a clumsy wolf.


His only strength is to swim


Kael`s weaknesses are not being able to speak up, fight and to not be clumsy



Signatures made by Kaze
Cola and Kira`s table made by Jens.
Kael`s table made by Raj.
Avatar made by Jens <3
Hmm...I dont have a bio for kael anymore...wtf?
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Kael The polite Wolf

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