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Second Character : Orion
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Mon May 11, 2015 1:36 pm


  Nickname(s): zilla, giant, horse.
  Age:  1 1/2 years.
  Gender: male

  Sexual orientation straight
  Rank: Hunter
  Species: Harlequin great dane
  Appearance: Orion is a massive domestic canine, standing 36'in at the shoulder and weighing in around 135 pounds. His coat, at its base, is pure white with black patches strewn about thickly. his fur is short and sleek, much like the coat of a Horse. His build is lean yet muscular. This makes it hard for him in the colder seasons as he possesses next to no body fat. Orion's eyes are of a rich chocolate color that seem almost red amber like in the bright daylight. Its a special note that his tongue is spotted in places much like the rest of his body.

  Personality: Loyalty, strength, obediance....and the resolve to do whatever was needed. That is who Orion was born as and who he remained. Even for a young dog he is reserved and quiet, speaking only when needed. This quiet nature masks his true ferocity. Of course only his prey see his dangerous side. When not on the hunt he is the gentle giant associated with his breed though he appears distant. It takes a long while to cut through his emotional defences but once you do he is a dog with a soft heart.
  History: Orion was born a pure blooded dane, His father -Aether-  having been a best in show canine for the majority of his life. Yet despite his 'royal' linneage orion was sold off to a huntsman at exactly 6 weeks of age. He had no idea why he was suddenly torn from his mother or why his father didnt seem to give a hoot. How could he know that his larger than average spots weren't considered show worthy? he was a puppy! All orion did know was the strong sense of fear that dwelled within him. He was terrifed of this new man...new house and new land. It was heavily forrested, dark, muggy and most of all isolated. This scared the pup out of his wits and whats more distracted him from the impending hardship that was his training.

The lessons blindsided him. He was just begining to grow accustomed to the new location when the first gunshots rang through his sensitive ears. At first the loud cracks of deadly thunder sent Orion into a scared frenzy but soon he grew used to them...even finding comfort in the powerful blasts. This would set the path for the rest of his intense training. At first it all seemed cruel to him yet he soon found the teachings a blessing.

It was when he turned 1 year old that he was taken out on his first hunt. Everything was going fine! He even managed to help his master bring down a wild boar. But something went wrong that day Something that sent orion on his own into the wild. -history will be completed through rp. hes secretive ;) -
  Weaknesses: Very little body fat, putting him in great risk durning winter.
  Strengths: Orion is a master of tracking and holding down prey, having been raised to perform the task almost daily.
  Talents: He can read human writing.
  Habits: He tends to distance himself from everyone, often walking along old hunting trails/

mother: unknown
Father: Aether
  Mate: Hahaha no
  Pups: 'like hell im goin to have kids'
  Friends: His master
  Enemies: prey
  Crush: Huuurrr now thats funny


my holy trinity

Avatar and table made by me.
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Second Character : Lilly Karusan, Ahreth
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Re: Orion
Mon May 11, 2015 6:33 pm

Neat Character!

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