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Faolan Empty
Fri Jun 13, 2014 10:14 pm

Faolan EQhV9
Name: Faolan
Nickname(s): Fao
Age: 3 years
Gender: Male

Coat: He has a thick pelt, in summers and winters both. It hinders him slightly in warmer weather. He has a thick, puffy fur around his scruff and chest.
Faolan Jenna%20get%20the%20comb%20copy_zpstfyfdnfv
I adore you for this Kaze :3)
Fur Color: It is Molten deep, natural red. He has black, grey and tan sable lightly dusting his under coat, creating a multitude of different colors. It turns slightly darker (and thicker) in the winter. He also has one black ear, and a black tipped tail.
Eye Color: Light green, curiously bright.
Markings/Scars: One black ear, and a ragged scar running all the way from his cheek , down his neck, and down through his shoulder, ending soon after it hits his knee. Especially in his shoulder, the scar is very noticeable, with rough, raised edges and no fur covering the worst of it.
Build: He is very thick, and stocky. Bull dog type, perhaps. He isn't tall at all, which has certainly earned him some teasing. In fact, his name means little wolf, which his mom named him, rightly so. But what he lacks in height, he makes up with very thick musculature, and strong bones. His past opponents often underestimate him, because they tower over him. He can fight as good as any, however.
Rank: Alpha
Mate or Pups:
Jenna- Mate

Personality: He has a very lovable personality. He is warm and cares of others. He is extremely protective over those closest to him, and tends to keep a lot of things and feelings pent up inside. He doesn't often share the story of his history, and blames himself deeply for what has happened in the past. The scar runs emotionally deep, such a wide chasm that he feels, as if he is falling, falling, falling into an endless pit of despair and burning hatred for himself. Some days (which sometimes turns into months) he is so deep in his dark, depressed, emotional valley that he cannot be pulled out of it by anyone. Some days pass without recognition by him, as if they had never occurred in the first place.

History: He was born into a small, closely knit pack. They were all blood family, save for the mated alpha pair. He was born with one  little brother, whom he cherished and vowed to protect with his life. His family was quiet, which affected his personality a bit. One day, when he was just a yearling, he was out wandering with his brother and six of his closest friends, which were of similar age. He was sort of the ring leader, small but mighty. Everyone, including some adult members of the pack, looked up to the youngster for his sound, grounded mind, and absolute caring and loving personality. (which he still posesses) The yearlings were wandering when they came upon an unknown pack territory. He was curious, and decided to lead his friends onwards. I mean, why would any pack be strict with any youngsters like them? They were so wrong. The opposing pack saw the group of intruders as a threat, and as intruders, looking to woo some of their unmated females away. They captured the eight, holding them in the main den. With Faolan being the obvious leader, some bachelor males who had yet to find mates took him and put him in the middle of their circle of wolves. Poking and prodding, they teased and provoked Faolan, who seemed like a small (however thickly built) weakling. They beat him to a near pulp, scarring him both mentally and emotionally for life. He recovered slowly, and was kept, with his friends, in a den for months on end. One night, when a bachelor male uttered a threatening comment towards his brother, the sweet, grounded Faolan snapped, and cracked the wolf’s neck in a second. He then proceeded to slaughter all of the males who had beaten him that one night with ease. The alpha, of course, would not stand for this. But the leader also recognized Faolan’s great fighting skill. So he gave the year old, sturdy wolf a grave choice: Save yourself and become one of the high ranking warriors in the opposing pack, but allow your friends to be killed –or- sacrifice yourself, and they would let his friends and brother go. He chose the noble choice, that no one, especially one so young, should have to make. Be sacrificed. His friends rebelled against the idea, and struggled against the wolves holding them. His brother was struck in the head, going unconscious in the struggle, and Faolan couldn’t help it. He broke away from the grip of the pack and attacked blindly, trying to allow some distractions for his friends to get away. But they didn’t leave. In the end, Faolan watched as his best friends and ultimately, his beautiful little brother, get slaughtered gruesomely and slowly. This ripped right into his very core, his pure soul. Seeing the apparent pain on Faolan’s face, the angered pack let him go, knowing that letting him live would be far more painful to him then killing him.

He never returned to his family, too ashamed to face the members who had birthed the youngsters that died under his watch. He became weak and skinny for a time, depression racking his very being for an unbearable amount of time. Sadly, Faolan had tried to take his own life. He merrily jumped off a very high, rocky bank. That is how he gained his massive scar. Ultimately, this sweet, grounded, selfless, caring, intelligent wolf became a tortured soul, by his own self infliction.
Weaknesses: He is on the short side, which means that 1) no one usually views him as strong, 2) he cannot reach certain speeds and isn’t as graceful as normal. He has a dark side, and tends to unintentionally cast that darkness onto others, pushing them away.
Strengths: He muscles and short, stocky stature means that he can hold extremely well in a fight and in a hunt alike. His shorter body can dodge easier, and his weight can bring down larger prey. His selfless personality is also a plus.
Talents: He can fight, protect, love and care for others with his best of his abilities. He is an important asset in a hunt.
Habits: He tends to be a wee bit shy, but caring and kind to all, who don’t provoke him otherwise. He may seem like he is keeping to himself. Other times, you can see an emotional, internal battle raging within himself through his expressive, minty green eyes.

Friends: Blaez, Jenna,
Enemies: Himself, and the pack that he had encountered when young.
Crushes: Jennie <3
Faolan J0clsw

Faolan Fao%20copy_zpsffjkxhxp

Signature by Kaze
Avvie by the Phyn!
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