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 wolf/animal RP without rules or regs!

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wolf/animal RP without rules or regs!
Thu Jun 25, 2015 11:56 pm

please, please do me a favor and check out this site: http://www.aniroleplay.com/
if you've ever used myspace 1.0, it has the exact same layout, simple, easy to use - different colors and all, and I'll admit the site's graphics/banners itself aren't the best quality, but we have a modestly-sized community there that's been RPing together for years, some new, but very few. we need new blood, the writing's getting stale because it's with the same people. you can RP privately in messages, comments, upload pictures, post statuses/bulletins. I'm more than willing to help you create graphics (and I'm a pretty decent editor), come up with a character - anything. there's even free adoptable characters with family members already created. all you've got to do is create a profile and add me here: http://www.aniroleplay.com/view_profile.php?member_id=142853 - I can help you get all set up, post your link, get everyone to add you. here's screenshots of my friends list so you can check out some of the members since a good majority have their individual profiles set to private:

it's a really laid back, fun atmosphere. everyone's just trying to have a good time ~
I'll accept anyone - even if you don't have a picture uploaded, that way you can add me just to get in touch with me and ask questions because I doubt I'll check back here.

I appreciate the opportunity to advertise here as we have no other way of getting the word out. I really, really hope at least one of you takes the interest in joining us ^^ thank you!
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wolf/animal RP without rules or regs!

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