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 Gus The Reckless W.I.P

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Gus The Reckless W.I.P
Fri Jun 13, 2014 10:27 pm


Name: Gus
Username: Jenta
Nicknames: None Currently
Gender: Male
Age: Barely a year old
Rank: Pup
Sexuality: Straight
Species: 3/4 Dire Wolf and 1/4 Arctic wolf  

|Inside and Out|

Coat and Pattern: Gus's base coat color is a light brown color with jet black accents. His legs and under fur are black reaching from his neck to his tail, the inside of his ears are also black. The one thing that makes him fur stand out mos are the four back dots under both of his eyes along with the long black fur on top his head that hangs between his eyes.

Eyes: Light sea green

Scars: Currently none

From the moment Gus first left the den he was always stubborn, doing only what he had set his mind to and not wanting to change it. He was a hard one to take charge of, as once he start something he needs to finish it not having his decision swayed. He can be a bit of a stinker that way but it can also be a good thing depending on what he has set his mind on. Then it turns into more of a drive then stubbornness.

Always doing his own thing Gus tends to get himself in trouble doing things he knows he shouldn't be. But it gives him a sense of excitement knowing he is doing something he shouldn't be. Often doing these things with his partner in crime Makenna, they find themselves often being scolded or in some sort of trouble for it.

Ladies Man:
Though still a pup Gus has his way with the little ladies, not really knowing where he gets it from he way always had a way with them and found himself with other female rather than broing it up with the males. Though he has nothing against other males he just prefers to be toying around with the females causing trouble.

Again from a young age Gus has been gifted with his use of words. Not really coming in to effect till he could properly speak he always knew what to say and when to say it. Mostly using this lucky gift to try and get himself and Makenna out of trouble with Ace and his dad. But it did come in handy having a way with words at other times. It is one of thous gifts he could in any situation to help him out.

Habits: He can generally be found doing things he shouldn't be doing or at his fathers side.

Strengths: Among many things Gus is a very skilled swimmer and has his way with words making him quite charismatic with the ladies.

Weaknesses: His sister Makenna, he would do anything for her and lets her push him around.

Fears: Spider webs

History: Just born


Phelione-Sister (Deceased)
Ace-Adopted auntie/mother figure

Makenna-his trouble making partner

Completely original character of mine
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Gus The Reckless W.I.P

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