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Sat Aug 22, 2015 12:12 am

Name: Jess

Rank: Hunter

Age: 2 Years

Gender: Female

Species: Texas Grey Wolf

Weighing in at 90 lbs. and at 3.5 ft. long, Jess is the average size for a Texas grey wolf, who is lean with muscle from year of hunting. Her fur is soft and of medium length that bounces when she runs. Her fur is a light tan with undertones of black on her sides, shoulders, and on her face while her underbelly, neck and lower jaw is a pure snow white. She has a necklace like line of black fur that cuts through the white fur on her neck. Her eyes are a combination of blue, amber, and green, also known as glasz.

Jess is a good hearted individual, but her naïve personality causes her to go against organized rules simply for the fun and rush of it, but she by no means wishes to cause harm to others or herself. She tends to break rather minor rules, or goes against requests when they are demanded of her, but if one is to ask her, rather than demand, she will most likely do as she is asked.

Jess doesn’t like to give in to others ideas of give in during an argument simply to end an argument. She will also hold firm to the things she believes, not letting others convincing her out of them, but she is willing to accept other ideas and beliefs on her own.

She isn’t strong physically, but she is strong mentally, doing the right thing because it is right, not because it is easy or not doing it because it is hard. She strives to make herself the best she can be, with no time for those who try to hold her back or bring her down.

Jess has a fun loving, witty personality, enjoying playful teasing above all else. She doesn’t like distasteful or slapstick humor, but prefers to make witty comments and observations on others, finding that type of humor in better taste.

Jess loves to explore, and due to her young age, doesn’t feel ready to settle into one place, but wants to experience everything can; she knows there is a whole world out there, and she feels that it is just waiting for her.

Though she can be hard-headed, rebellious, and stubborn, Jess is an honest, kind hearted, and sweet individual. She cares about those around her, she just shows it in different ways than others, like playful teasing. She has developed a neutral-good character based on her overall goodness of her soul, but her rebellious personality that brings her to neural instead of lawful.

Jess isn’t afraid to get her fur dirty if in pursuit of a new experience or adventure of sorts. Everything she does and everywhere she goes is in search of something to make her life worthwhile. She is in a sense a free-spirited individual above all else.

Jess is just an overall happy individual to put it simply. She laughs as often as she can, does things that she enjoys, and makes the most out of every day.

Fire~Passionate, confident, daring, courageous

Jess is very strong-willed which can be seen as both a strength and weakness. she will stick to her beliefs despite what others try to convince her, but in another way, she will won’t let go of things and will sometimes let things fester inside of her.

She is easily distracted by the world around her, for example if she were on a hunting expedition, she might find an interesting trail that she might choose to follow instead, in the name of adventure. Also, due to her fun loving personality, she tends to make jokes at inappropriate times or may playfully pick on a wolf who doesn’t see it as friendly as she means it. She also enjoys stargazing and loses herself for hours while looking up at the night sky.

Jess grew up in a large pack where she developed her sense of family closeness. She  often enjoyed long hunts with her parents and older brother and it was on one of these hunts, that Jess was closing in on a smaller doe when she rushed too soon, pushing the hunt into action before the rest of the pack was prepared. The herd was spooked and stampeded in an unanticipated direction, resulting in her brother being trampled. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it, and Jess blames herself every day for the accident. Not long after her brother passed, Jess decided that she could no longer stay where his memory lingered and decided to find a new home where she might escape the guilt that she suffered from every day.


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