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 Seonaid Joining Thingymajig

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Seonaid Joining Thingymajig
Mon Oct 05, 2015 3:47 pm

Name:* Seonaid
  Nickname(s): Seonny
  Age:* 2
  Gender:* Female
  Rank:* Hunters
  Species:* Red Wolf
  Appearance:* From a distance, Seonny looks like a smallish wolf of cream and red. Her eyes are a deep brown, flecked with lighter tones in the middle. Her face is a mix of red and brown tones on the top, whilst underneath her muzzle and around her almost shade eyes it is a creamy white. Sharp canines and a strong jaw are obvious, crucial to her hunting as well as large, slightly oversized ears and a flashing smile. All down her back, legs and tail are a deep tawny colour, whilst her belly,paws and the underside of her tail is cream.   At full height, Seonny will reach about 45 inches and weigh around 52 pounds.
  Personality:* To describe Seonaid in one word would be hard. She’s kind, yet feisty and doesn’t take any rubbish from anyone. Never would she purposefully hurt someone for no reason and she loves being around people. Seonny was alone from a young age so it’s kinda like making up for lost time.
She likes a challenge and always seems to have endless energy, unless it’s early in the morning, then you might have to watch in case you get your nose bitten off!
When Seonny meets new people, she is often a little self-conscious of her bright fur and tends to try and make herself smaller than she already is. If can take her a while to settle in new places, but when she finally is she’s a real homebody.

  History:* Seonny’s life started off a little rocky. She was born in the late Spring to Mairead and John (Iain) with one brother Aonghas. Her mother's pack was a small one and was “kept in check” by a larger pack from the South, which her father came from.The agreement between the two packs were uneasy and strongly unwanted by the northern pack. When Seonaid was a pup she was oblivious to any of these problems and saw her father from time to time. However, her pack was always a little distant from her and her brother, uneasy with their heritage. As time went on and Aonghas grew to be more and more like their father, he was outcast by the pack, and told to go and live with “Na Fudaidhean”(The Idiots). Seonny, torn between her pack and brother was caught in the middle. Apart from her mother, the rest of her pack could just as easily turn on he, so she decided to leave the next day whilst Mairead was asleep. She searched for her brother but could find neither hide nor hair of him and eventually gave up. From then on she wandered until she found Serenity Pack.
  Weaknesses:* Afraid of being alone again, and a little self-conscious.
  Strengths:* Tenacious, yet kind.
  Talents: A good hunter, especially fish.
  Habits: Tends to hum without noticing.

  Family: Mother: Mairead, Father: John (Iain), Brother: Aonghas (Angus)
  Mate: N/A
  Pups: N’A
  Friends: N/A
  Enemies: N/A
  Crush: N/A

  How did you find us:* Top 50 Wolf Rpg, I think? xD
  Secret Password found in "Guidelines": Fao has edited for secrecy purposes XD (It took me so long to find that xD I looked in all the wrong places)
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Re: Seonaid Joining Thingymajig
Mon Oct 05, 2015 5:36 pm

Admin's names are light blue  and mod's names are in light green. Welcome to the pack!


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Re: Seonaid Joining Thingymajig
Mon Oct 05, 2015 5:50 pm

Thank you~! :D
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Re: Seonaid Joining Thingymajig
Tue Oct 06, 2015 7:05 am

Welcome welcome! :3


Click the names to see the bios! :3
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Re: Seonaid Joining Thingymajig
Tue Oct 06, 2015 9:04 am

Welcome to the pack! :D Lonely Lonely Lonely Lonely

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Re: Seonaid Joining Thingymajig
Thu Oct 08, 2015 1:16 am

Welcome to SRP! :D


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Re: Seonaid Joining Thingymajig

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Seonaid Joining Thingymajig

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