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Fri Jun 13, 2014 11:29 pm

Solstice Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ-RLg9x6OflAlTXdDJLxS0lmPGWlU0TUW9dWDBz8fkMQR_SwSMABCbTuev

Name: Solstice
Nickname(s): Sol, Solsty (He'll probably explode on you if you call him this and you're not Kilan x3)
Age: 4 years
Gender: male
Rank: Alpha male

Appearance: Sol is a half red wolf half dire wolf mix with a large, sturdy build. He stands at about 91 cm at the shoulder, and he weighs around 50 kg. He has the typical reddish brown coat of the red wolf species, and it's usually a moderate length, except for in the winter when it thickens. His underbelly and the lower half of his snout are both the white, though the color is fairly diluted. He has bright, fluorescent golden colored eyes, a trait he believes he inherited from his father. He doesn't have any noticeable scars, but he's got plenty of minor scratches beneath his fur. He can usually be seen wearing a bear claw necklace.

Personality: Solstice is not an approachable wolf. His large stature and steely demeanor gives him a fairly intimidating disposition, and he usually isn't one to break his stern, stoic expression. He's a fairly serious male, and his austere presence only seems to soften when he's around those close to him. The male's most prominent trait is undoubtedly his remarkably short temper. Though it's not quite as bad as it used to be, it doesn't take much to tick him off. His rage can become fairly explosive, and he isn't the most patient wolf. He's also a bit impulsive, sometimes leaping into things without giving it the thought it needs. Still he is dutiful and strong, and he's willing to do whatever he can to protect the pack and those he holds dear. He can seem cautious and distant towards strangers, not really one to automatically place his trust in others. He believes that's something one must earn, but once one has it, that individual can count on him for anything. He's very protective of his loved ones, and though he doesn't show it much on the outside, he cares deeply for the well being of the pack.

History: Solstice was born a loner, his only pack or family being his mother and brother. When he and his sibling were pups, their mother was shot and killed by a hunter and they were left to die. But the pair were extremely determined as well as inseparable. His brother suggested they learned how to hunt together, and they got a long just fine for a few months. Then one day everything went wrong. No one knows exactly what happened but him, and he would never tell. But his brother died, and he was left to wander the world alone until he later discovered SRP. Only Tundra, Phynix, and Kilan know the details of this story and it still pains him to think about it.

He entered SRP as a guardian, and he settled into his role well enough, though he kind of came off as grumpy and antisocial. It wasn't long after that he encountered Kilan, a happy pup who he would soon learn was his niece, his brother's daughter. He often acted as a sort of parental figure towards her, and they quickly formed a very close bond. He formed a close friendship with Phynix, a female hunter turned beta, a wolf who became a close confidant of his. He met his mate Tundra on a mission to the North, and though his temper hadn't afforded him a very good introduction, they came to develop an indomitable bond and deeply rooted romantic feelings for each other. These feelings were not acknowledged until after the journey to the new lands, however, when they officially became mates. It wasn't long after, however, that he was compelled to reveal the truth of his and his brother's past to Kilan, who was horrified by the severity of his sin. She ran away from him, and they have not spoken to each other since.

Weaknesses: He is short tempered and often recklessly impulsive.
Strengths: He is physically strong and is not easily deterred from achieving a goal. He is also a lot taller than the average wolf due to his dire wolf lineage on his father's side.
Talents:He is an expert at hiding his emotions (when he's not enraged or irritated, he's fairly extroverted when that happens). He's also fairly talented at combat
Habits: He chews his paws when he is nervous

Family: Dalia (Mother, deceased) Father (unknown) Nickolai (Brother, deceased) Kilan (niece, alive)
Mate: Tundra
Pups: to be father of Twelve, Oak, Tupac, Todd, and Corinth
Friends: Phynix
Enemies: Urik, A.K.A Huttser
Crush: Tunny :3

Solstice Sol%20wip%20copy_zps6bq35set

Click the names to see the bios! :3
Signatures courtesy of Kaze

Solstice table by Kio
Avatar by Jenna
Damascus table by Colossith
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