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Fri Jun 13, 2014 11:32 pm


[align=center]Amur SnowLeopard_1947419c[/align]

[align=center]Name: Amur
Species: Snow leopard
Gender: male
Age: 4 years
Rank: companion
Companion to: Namara[/align]

Appearance: Amur is fairly average for an adult male of his species, weighing in at 120 lbs and standing 60 cm at the shoulder, with a length of 230 cm. His fur is a light, silvery grey color, dappled in the iconic black leopard spots. His pelt is soft, fluffy and thick, an understandable protection against the cold. His paws are large and wide, giving him easy mobility over snowy or mountainous terrain, and his claws are retractable. His build is bulky, but not overly muscular, and he's about the size of an average wolf. His eyes are a sharp silver, a natural color for a snow leopard.

Personality: Amur is a very likable cat. He's very friendly and polite to most everyone he meets, being much more likely to chuff a pleasant greeting to a stranger rather than unsheathe his claws. He's very caring and kind, always available for support when needed. He's also rather reserved, not really one to behave in any immature or wild manner. He's incredibly protective over his companion, sometimes to the point where he's just kind of irritating to be around. On top of that, he's extremely loyal, reliable, and responsible, and wouldn't hesitate to come to someone's aid if they needed it. He is not, however, as naive as his she-wolf companion, and knows that there are wolves out there who really shouldn't be trusted. If you do, somehow, make him angry, he will not shout or explode in any way, but instead narrow his eyes and speak in very low, ominously calm, threatening tones.

History: Amur, unlike most big cats, was not born in the wild. Rather, he was born as a product of the exotic pet business, ripped away from his mother when he was a very young cub and sold to some ignorant people. They kept him in a tiny enclosure in their garage, a deplorable cage hardly big enough for him to stand up and turn around in, complete with a concrete floor that ripped at his pads. It was utter hell living there. He remained like that for the entire first year of his life, a prisoner of human neglect, until he decided he couldn't stand it any longer. One day, when the man opened his cage door to feed him, he leaped at him, clawing at his face and chest before bolting, terrified, out of the open garage. He eventually made it to the nearest wilderness, where he was finally free. Except, there was just one issue: he had no idea how to hunt nor fend for himself. Seeing no other option besides starving to death, he decided to teach himself based on instinct alone. After a plethora of failed attempts, he finally succeeded at catching his first prey item. He lived on like that for two more years, prowling the forest alone, until one day trouble caught up with him. He had foolishly attempted to take down a young fawn, unaware that a buck was nearby. The massive animal inflicted several lethal wounds on his body before chasing him out, right onto the edge of SRP territory, where he collapsed. He would have died of blood loss had Namara not found him and dragged him back to the pack to be healed. Touched by the kindness she exhibited towards him and tired of living alone, he pledged to serve as her protector. She consented, though she sees him more as an older brother than a body guard.

Weaknesses: He's no bigger than a wolf, and he's not very fond of water. he can also be irritatingly overprotective, and he is incapable of roaring like most big cats can.
Strengths: He's strong, reliable, and pleasant
Talents: He's an excellent climber, as his body is built for mountainous terrain
Habits: He chuffs, a unique sound only tigers and snow leopards have been known to make. It sounds like a cross between a purr and a raspberry, and is known to be a sign of affection or friendliness.

Family: Namara
Mate: none
Cubs: none
Friends: Silver
Enemies: humans
Crush: none

Amur Sol%20wip%20copy_zps6bq35set

Click the names to see the bios! :3
Signatures courtesy of Kaze

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