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Second Character : Lilly Karusan, Ahreth
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Sat Nov 07, 2015 4:56 pm




Rena, Ren (she thinks it’s a boy’s name so only her siblings and father call her this as a joke)
Only a few months
Pup, to be decided
quarter Dire wolf, quarter red wolf, half Artic wolf



Her eyes are a bright gold that SEEMS to reflect the light and hold it even in the darkest places. They don’t really come across as watery or translucent, but they don’t feel entirely solid either seeing as how light they are, and the slightly glowing quality they have when the sunlight hits them.
She inherited her frame from her mother mostly, she’s a smaller pup. She was less than 2 pounds when she was born, and did not gain weight as rapidly, but not for lack of nutrition. At three months she was around 21 pounds, and gained a little over a pound per week for four months. Then she will mature and gain that last pound or two.
She will only grow to be 26 inches at the shoulder and 5 feet long including the tail. Her Strength comes from both sides and she is upper average in that area. She’s fairly fast, but remains only slightly above average. Her real strength is her stamina and agility. When She’s healthy she’ll probably reach about 60Ibs.
Her fur is black, with a few gradients, it is neither very long nor very short, and adjusts to the season fairly well. she has a white sock on her back left leg. When she grows up she will retain her black coat.


Family and Friends

Around her family and friends she is reserved, the more you mean to her the more hesitant she is about interacting with you afraid that she’ll just end up pushing you away. She’ll follow her family and friends to the end of the earth, and even as a pup has an intense loyalty to them, but towards the wolves themselves tends to be a bit more quiet, and hesitant to bombard them with any problems that she might have. She does however enjoy being with them, and if you see her family or friends likely you’ll see her in the background ready to jump to their defense. Occasionally she’ll crack a joke, or laugh after being silent when listening to her friends and family.
She grew up in serenity so she of course is very attached to the area and the wolves in it. She has different relationships with each individual member within the pack if she meets them, but on a whole if she meets a pack member she is suitable friendly, but not overly so. While interaction is not a challenge to her she does not actively seek it out all the time. She appears stunningly average when with members of her own pack, friendly and not standoffish, but leaving no strong impressions other than just being distantly polite.
Skeptical verging on vicious, if they are not of her pack and she does not know them then she immediately assumes that they are a threat, she will not outright attack them on sight, but she is much more likely to do so. If they try to engage her in conversation she will usually be short, curt, and continuously trying to find out their motives for being near the territory, or looking for any misdemeanors in conduct that would constitute her being able to attack.
Generally she’s quiet, not unfriendly, and fiercely loyal and protective of those she is close to. This is when she is most likely to be reckless. She doesn’t enjoy spending time alone, but doesn’t want to seek out new acquaintances preferring to stay with those she is most comfortable with. She is quick to judge, but also quick to rewrite her judgements towards a more negative standpoint and less likely to rewrite them towards a positive. She perseveres, never really giving up on her friends or family, and will continue to fight even if it appears she is losing, but does know when to bow out. She’s not very humble if you get her to talk about herself, but she isn’t greedy or boastful.
She has a tendency to think a lot, which means she is not very often reckless.
She does have a slight tendency towards violence with strangers or those who she dislikes.

As a Character


She’s stubborn, slightly violent, quick to judge, and untrusting of strangers, and unsure of herself around those important to her.
She has Stamina, Agility, Perseverance, and Loyalty.
Staying close with those she knows
She’s good at hiding her feelings at times, or sometimes just closing up completely.



Solstice (father), tundra (mother), Kilan (cousin), Todd (sibling), Tupac (sibling), Rin (sibling)
Don’t know how Solstice feels about that….
Maybe in the future but i have no plans for her right now
She is one
Family, and to be determined in rp
Those outside of serenity, but really yet to be determined


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Second Character : Aleah
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Re: Ahreth
Sat Nov 07, 2015 5:39 pm



Credit to Jens for Avvie and Kaala for Siggie
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Second Character : Lilly Karusan, Ahreth
Posts : 555
Location : Behind you....
Galleons : 235

Re: Ahreth
Sat Nov 07, 2015 5:42 pm

Thank you! :D

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Second Character : Malachi and Todd
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Galleons : 1073

Re: Ahreth
Sat Nov 07, 2015 6:07 pm

Very nice :3


Signature by Kaze
Avvie by the Phyn!
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Second Character : Damascus, Corinth
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Re: Ahreth
Sun Nov 08, 2015 12:25 am

Awe what a cutie :3 Ren and Rin, I'm sure she and her sister will be really close :)


Click the names to see the bios! :3
Signatures courtesy of Kaze

Solstice table by Kio
Avatar by Jenna
Damascus table by Colossith
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Second Character : Lilly Karusan, Ahreth
Posts : 555
Location : Behind you....
Galleons : 235

Re: Ahreth
Sun Nov 08, 2015 1:09 am

I hope so

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Re: Ahreth

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