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Wed Nov 11, 2015 12:49 am

▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ ACADIA █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁


Name: Acadia
Nickname(s): Cade,Cadie

Age: 1 years old.
Gender: Female

Rank: Pup
Species: Eurasion/European wolf


  • Currently: Milk

  • Future: A light,earthy smell and a soft sent of Lilac flowers that linger on her coat.


I know what you think in the morning,
When the sun shines on the ground,



     Acadia is quite a slim pup,with thinner features but with wide pale green eyes. Her under belly,sides,legs,front,and mid-back/lower back is a pale creamy color,this having been inherited from her grandfather. The top of her back,running like a thick,haphazardly line,is smudges of brown and black mixed together,this runs until the very tip of her tail. Her tail is long and fluffy,being soft to the touch along with the rest of her fur. She usually is found dirty from playing in the mud,and is often having to be forced to clean herself by either her mother or father. Her youthful eyes hold a zest for life and a fiery attitude just below its depths. She is quite the charming looking pup when she really puts much zest into it,proving to be quite attractive when shes older. Acadia smiles easily,and when shes at her most happiest state,a brilliant bright smile will appear on her features,gracing them greatly.

     When Acadia grows older,the creamy fur of her coat will lighten even more to of an off-white than cream. The smudges of blacks and browns will even out in the line,a bit of the color would mix in with the off-white of her coat. Muscles will develop under the young females coat as she gains strength. Though with her muscles,a bit of grace will be in her actions and movements as she becomes more 'lady-like',her features more softer and her eyes holding a more kinder fire. 'Beautiful' could be a word to describe her being in the eyes of the beholder. Quite the contrary to when shes ever in fight,the glow will grow into a rage of a forest fire,her stealth and movements deadly and unforgiving.


And shows what you have done,
It shows where your mind has gone,



   There is many words to describe Acadia's fiery attitude. Stubborn,head-strong,arrogant are only few of the words that can come to mind. She is often met with trouble in any risky situation,and though she takes delight in seeking mischief,she isn't quite peachy about the end results if it gets her in trouble with her mother and father. She loves her family deeply and is fiercely protective of her four brothers. The young pup is quite the tomboy,not afraid to tussle and get down and dirty in the mud. In fact,she enjoy getting dirty when ever the opportunity presents itself. Acadia has a good sense of humor and enjoys the comfort of being in the company of friends and those she loves. Shes a curious lil' pup with a heart of gold basically. She has quite the brash humor,delighting in the silliest of things at the most inappropriate of times. One of her weak points would be lying,she could never seem to do it!
Though she can sometimes spout a few white lies,she finds it hard to save her own behind with false words to those she loves. As well as being the oldest of her three younger brothers,she often has the mindset of being a 'leader' around them. Sometimes resorting to being the master of plans,or just plain bossing them around,she prides herself in being the only girl of the group,thinking herself to be as tough or even tougher than all of them combined!

Her personality is yet a mystery to what she will be like as an adult.


And you swear to your parents,
That it will never happen again,





I know, I know what that means, I know.
That you all have guns,




And you never put the safety on,
And you all have plans,



She might make many in the present and future.


Probably not rn.


Probably various little bug colonies she's hunted and extremely ticked off mud puddles.


Theme Songs


I'm trying, I'm trying to sleep,
But I can't, but I can't when you all have,
Guns for hands, yeah.

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