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Second Character : Shade
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Wed Nov 11, 2015 3:16 am

25% Husky, 25% Timber Wolf, 50% Red Wolf
-rank here-

Muria resembles his mother, Hyran. His fur color ranges from light brown, to deep reds. His eyes are a beautiful amber brown. His ears stand tall, filled with thick fur. In a lot of ways, his body is shaped like that of a coyote; the lean snout, wry expression, and somewhat lanky body. His chest is golden brown, merging into a dark brown that covers his shoulders and the rest of his body. His whole underbelly is light brown. His forehead is dark red and his cheeks are the same light color of his chest. A light gold streak straddles the middle of his back. He is by no means bulky, and at first site could easily be mistaken as a female.

Despite his female size, Muria is by no means weaker than the average male wolf. He loves to hunt and kill just as much as the next wolf. His favorite thing is to better himself, which leads to his biggest fault: He forgets his strengths and remembers only his weaknesses. He may not be as physically strong as other wolves, but his mental ability and agility make up for that. By combining his talents, he becomes a quick attacker, calculating perfect movements in no time flat. He preferred to spend time with his mother when he was born, and avoided his father for the most part. He didn't have anything against him, but always felt like he wasn't good enough, or strong enough. His lack of a father figure led him to be homosexual, but he doesn't tell anyone; especially not his father.

Muria often underestimates his ability. He also beats up on himself for not being his best.

He is strong-willed, agile, and smart. His lack of being contempt makes him push himself to achieve great things.

He is very intelligent.

Being too hard on himself.

Mother: Hyran, Father: Shade, Sister: Lilly Karusan, Brother: Saluki.
Mate: When he gets older.

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