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Thu Nov 12, 2015 3:01 am


Theme and Voice:

  Nickname(s): Tory if you dare but she will tear you a new one
  Age: Unknown as she never shares it (4yrs)
  Gender:  Female

  Orientation Bisexual
  Rank: Guardian
  Species: Dire

Build: Though at a glance Tor could be mistaken for a gray wolf when up close it is clear just how large and formidable she truly is. As a dire wolf She only equals gray wolves in height at the shoulder, the rest of her body looking strange in comparison beyond that point. for one thing She is a heavy set wolf with large stout legs, a wide chest, powerful neck and a set of jaws to rival and megafuana of the past. She was of an ancient breed after all.

Coat: Tor possesses and inky black coat seperated into varying hues of blueish black. Along the darker ridge of her back  her coat is ticked with light grey marks in sparse locations appearing almost like the starry night sky. At the tops of her ears the same ticking is present though in thicker clusters. Aside from these splotches the only other source of color on the female reside upon her paws, all four bearing blue/grey socks that fade into the darkness of her coat. The fur of her pelt grows thickly around her neck chest and underbelly while still retaining a silky texture about it. on the remainder of her body it grows to a decent length though not as pronounced as her mane. With two heavy layers this hide of her's keeps out even the more bitter of winds as her ancestors once survived far worse than many knew now.

Scars and other features: Though she may appear to be a fighter Tor is more of a pacifist in nature. that said she has not gained any scars nor stories to tell of such wounds. Her eyes are a pale hazel that, in the right lighting, come off as silver with dark green flecks near the iris.

  Personality: Tor is a soft spoken female with an iron will hidden beneath her calm exterior. In her words one should not mistake her silence for submission. She firmly believes in the old addage "actions speak louder than words" As this was what carried her family through the ages. Despite her brutish appearance Tor can be quite feminine and is highly intelligent. At times she can be seen as manipulative though if called on it she becomes sheepish and far more distant.  It is only in her nature after all. At other times the female can be seen forcing quarreling wolves apart as she was raised to believe in the strength of the pack or family unit. In summary the female Keeps with her the ideals that aid in her survival.
  History: Not much  is known of Tor outside the plainly stated. She grew up in the recesses of some distant mountain chain were deer were slow upon the trail and her parents quick to ambush and drive them. Though they were experts in hunting Tor's parents could bring home very little as prey was sparse in their territory. This lack of food led to the Death of the dire female's three siblings, all unamed as their personalities never had the chance to emerge. Most would find this traumatizing but Tor could remember little of that time and moved past it. Her childhood was fairly simple: She learned, she made mistakes, she grew. By the time she reached maturity the female made the decision to leave her family's home land and strike out into the world. With time she came across new packs, most of which accepting her in kind natured whines and licks while some rejected her out of fear. Whatever the case she never remained in place for  long, always heading west with the setting sun and moon. Eventually the female found herself in the territory of serenity. Here she finds her typical route blocked by curiosity of the unique pack. How long this will last however is to be seen. Perhaps she can set down roots among these canines and let her true history be known for as previously stated...this is only the surface of tor's history.

  Weaknesses: As a dire wolf tor is built for strength rather than speed, that being said the female cannot run at length. she may give good bursts of speed for taking down prey but ultimately she looses steam
  Strengths: Given her heritage Tor has incredible strength and teeth strong enough to bite through bone in a single snap. It makes subduing prey quite easy though catching prey is the problem. Tor thusly remains loyal to any pack she runs with as they are her life line in this new age
  Talents: Tor can sing, fish and pacify others quite well. It helps when you're intimidating.
  Habits: the dire female often sits and stares at the starry sky, wondering of the future and of the past while enjoying the present.

Mother: Stella
Father: Kuro
Littermates: gone before named
  Mate: No
  Pups: Though she'd like some No.
  Friends: Piper the rat (to be added later)
  Enemies: Cats. She cannot stand cats.
  Crush: no









Tor's name comes from the novels Sight and fell. Other than that and the visual references to the novel character Her design and personality are of my creation


my holy trinity

Avatar and table made by me.
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Re: Tor
Thu Nov 12, 2015 4:16 pm

Very nice!

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