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Thu Nov 12, 2015 5:22 pm

Name: Todd
Nickname(s): None for now
Age: Currently not born
Gender: Male
Species:50% Dire Wolf, 25% Red Wolf, 25% Arctic Wolf
Physicality: Todd is, first and foremost, a very large wolf. Though not as large as his eldest sibling, his ribcage has much depth and his chest is wide. As an adult, his muscles will be developed in his shoulder and hindquarters, but as a pup he is mostly comprised of extra skin and fat. His coat is moderately long and sleek throughout the warm seasons, and rough and thick during the winter.  A dark grayish brown makes up most of his pelt, appearing darker on the top side of his head and back. These moderately dark hues will extend down the full length of his back and will wrap around his sides. However, the brown-gray color overlays a lighter undercoat, which can be easily seen through the guard hairs, especially throughout his haunches and sides.  Todd’s legs, belly, and chest will be a creamy white, with prominent white, circular areas marking his chest and either side of his head, on his jaw. This male’s eyes are attractive and largely expressive, containing a deep orange-brown color. His ears are rounded and slightly square, and his snout is broad.

Todd is a wolf who has a certain handicap and is slow with words. He is gullible and believes everything anyone tells him. This wolf’s is naïve even as an adult and will often personify inanimate objects, and he makes attachments with other wolves and objects very easily.  A very “wolfy” wolf, Todd enjoys being around others and begins to get scared if he is alone for too long. In this way, he almost always needs light supervision as both a pup and an adult. Though Todd cannot talk well and cannot understand many large concepts or big ideas, he loves everyone and everything and will do his best to make things good. Granted, his best may be just to be a listening buddy or he will pick one flowers since he is incapable of doing more, but he believes that doing those things will make everyone the happiest. So he does them. Todd beams under any adoration and will follow one around if one gives him any slight compliment. Todd is protective, but he doesn’t get physical. He will stand up for his friends and family even though he would feel the undoubted fear that he would be punished for speaking out.
Additionally, this male does not hate. He only gets fearful (which occurs often), and he gets sad. But even if someone does the worst types of things to him, he will only act in disbelief and terror. There is never any retaliation, never any snarky comebacks. If anything, he will tuck his tail and tear up. And if he hurts anyone, his heart down right nearly breaks. Everyone is his friend, and he shouldn’t be hurting his friends.
It is when he harms that he starts having mental breakdowns: hyperventilating, quivering, consumed in fear that he will be punished or will lose a friend.
Physical Abilities: With his large size and great (adult) musculature, Todd has the capability to be a strong fighter and a moderately swift runner. However, he does not do these things, especially not fighting. Not only would he not hurt a fly, he would befriend it. So most of his movements are made up of sleeping, prancing, lumbering, and waddling about happily and oblivious.
Voice Todd’s voice is a deep, rumbling thing that reverberates almost visibly within his chest. It contradicts his personality and physicality severely.
Weaknesses: He has many weaknesses, most of them mental *see ‘Psyche’ for full list*. To reiterate, his speech is very slow and he has troubles forming coherent sentences once in a while. He is naïve and gullible, loving and fearful. All of this makes him in need of frequent company and patient souls.
Strengths: He tries his best for everyone and will do anything that he is asked to do. He wouldn’t even consider challenging authority, and he is a wonderful listener.
Talents: Nothing physically or mentally except that he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body
Habits: He tucks his tail often and may start to cry in some situations. Also, he’ll chew on his paws until sores develop if there is something that has been bothering him immensely.

History: Da baby is still too baby

Family: His mother is Tundra, father is Solstice. His siblings are Tupac, Oak, Twelve, and Corinith
Friends: Everyone
Enemies: No one

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