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Mon Nov 23, 2015 4:47 pm

"-Remnant is a raw, intense, realistic roleplay centered on true instinct and the will for survival. Wolves and humans have both been enemies for centuries. Here they clash in a battle of wits, will, love, and luck. With a setting in northern Alaska, back before the settling of Europeans, the Tikaani (Tee-Kah-Nee) wolf pack clashes with a small, inexperienced human Inupiaq (Inuit) tribe. They both have one thing on their mind- survival.
-This roleplay is realistic and literate, with a 7+ sentence minimum. We promote a friendly, interactive community that is very accepting towards all role players.
-The Tikaani pack has lived in northern Alaska for a couple of decades, having established a wide territory that reaches from the western coast to the inlands. They have faced disease, and now have very reduced numbers. Still, they are managing to scrape by through the harsh seasons of Alaska. Meanwhile, one young, inexperienced, Inupaiq man struggles to revive his own tribe after having faced a massive famine. The once stationary group becomes nomadic in attempts to find a more plentiful food source. Heading to the coast to hunt for fish, seals, and whales, the tribe unknowingly settles within the Tikanni’s territory. Here is where the struggle begins. Hunger drives both species to nearly insane actions as a particularly harsh winter closes in on both of them. Who will survive? To what extent will they both go to feed their families?"

remnanthome.weebly.com/ (Not open yet)

Hey guys, so I have recently started my own wolf/human role play site, as explained briefly above. I have the site's basic rules, structure, and ranks down, however, I am now down to the fine tuning. This site is not yet open, but I am looking to get some interest rolling here (hopefully), and get someone willing to help me out in the coding realm.

I am not opening any wolf IC leadership positions yet, as I believe those positions need to be worked towards IC. However, I do feel the need to find one person willing to shoulder some part of the fine-tuning responsibilities, of which they would become an admin. I am looking someone who is serious, is willing to put in a little time, and who can handle a literate role play. Whoever I would decide on would have a 'probation period' before the site opens (PM me if you're interested).

As for general membership, the wolves here must usually start out as Peripherals (loners). However, for a limited time, I'm opening up the opportunity to join straight into the pack, not having to first become a peripheral. This means that one would have a guaranteed spot in the pack (the spots are limited), before the site opens, without having to go through the hassle of joining IC. If this interests you, PM me with a general bio form and sample role play post so that I can determine if your abilities are fit for the part.

I am willing to hand out a couple IC Inuit leadership positions. The 'Angatquq' (Shaman) and the Nuliaqpak (wife of the leader and second-in-command) may be filled. Again, if this interests you, PM me with a sample and a general form (you can use the bio form found on Remnant's site for convenience sake, if you would like). For clarity, I reserve the right to not choose a submission if the character doesn't fit well.

Even if you don't feel like joining, feel free to posts comments and suggestions below, I am all ears. Please do not create an account without my go-ahead, since the site isn't open yet.

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