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 Ardire (It is being redone)

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Ardire (It is being redone)
Sat Jun 14, 2014 1:36 am

The Basics:

Name: Ardire (prounounced “Are-dee-reh”)
Meaning: “Boldness” in Italian
Nickname(s): Ardi, he doesn't allow anyone to call him this, unless you are of significance to him.
Age: 4
Gender: Male
Preference: Asexual
Species: Eurasian Wolf
Scent: Chinese Herbal Medicine
Rank: Shaman

The Exterior:

Pelt: Ardire’s pelt is the spitting image of his father’s which was of a brownish-gold colour with faint traces of black and silver scattered along the tips of his fur, that he inherited from his mother. It is incredibly soft and fluffy to touch.
Eye colour: His eye colour is a silvery-blue colour that he retained during his birth. Because of the incident in his past, he rarely opens his eyes and reveals them.
Other physical aspects: Ardire is not a wolf built for combat. He is not too small and not too large, his size is perfect for doing small tasks, like going on small expeditions and looking after pups. He is a handsome wolf with an enchanting smile and gentle mannerisms, but there is a peculiar aspect of him. He never has his eyes open. There is a reason to why he keeps them shut but it is a secret he will keep until the right moment has arrived.

The Interior:


History: (WIP)

Other information:

   Weaknesses: Because of his constant poker-face, he can be difficult to understand, especially when he answers questions about his personal life.
   Strengths: He is quite spiritual and has a special connection to the afterlife. Being a mystic, he does possess a few rare talents that many do not have, but he does not flaunt them openly, preferring to practise them away from prying eyes.
   Talents: He can walk around with his eyes closed, being more connected to nature than most and 'sees' by reading the auras and energies of others. If he looks into others eyes or is incredibly familiar with their scent (like been around them often), he is able to ‘read’ them, meaning that their emotions and possible thoughts are known to him. Though because of his constant shut-eye, only the latter is applicable to him, currently.
   Habits: He tends to day-dream when he is bored and may sometimes accidentally go ‘crazy’ when he has one of his spiritual bouts. An example would be a drastic change of personality.


   Family: All deceased
   Mate: None and nor does he want one
   Pups: None
   Friends: At the moment none
   Enemies: None
   Crush: None

Ω Phynix Ω Caelum Ω Ardire Ω Xavier Ω

Ways to Cheer Up:
Say boopdedoop in the lowest possible voice you can
Say bubbles as angrily as you can

~Phynix table by Raj
Caelum table by Kuro
Ardire table by Kiora
Signatures by Kaze~
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Ardire (It is being redone)

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