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 Lilith (WIP)

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Lilith (WIP)
Tue Dec 15, 2015 9:57 pm

Lilith The brave



  Nickname(s): Lily, braveheart, mini harley
  Age: 2 1/2
  Species: Half timber half arctic wolf
  Sexuality Bi as the day is long (sorry akka she gon look at fems too)

  Appearance: Lilith Is an oddity much like her father, though less so than he. Her coat Is of a silky texture with the following colors splashed throughout. The base of her coat, like her father, Is a rich coffee brown with a cream white reaching around her snout, down her neck and spreading the length of her belly. A broad stripe of cream climbs up her brow and ends just above her eyes. Speaking of eyes An ashen grey ring circles both of her's. Like harley Lilith possess socks upon her feet, the back only a dark ashen while the front paws bleed from the dark hue to a lighter grey and then into her base coat. The same dark ash however appears on the backs of her ears and along the tip of her tail.

  Personality: Lilith Is, in short, A fire cracker from hell. SHe seems to know no fear as she strikes off on her own often enough. Despite all this she shows a keen sense of bravery and perhaps foolish kindhearted-ness. The young wolf Has never met a wolf she didn't at least say hi to. Aside from her brazen personality the pup has the fatal flaw of 'justice'. As in if she knows its wrong shes going to go against it until she drops.

  History: -wip-
  Weaknesses: Brazen to the point of blind foolishness
  Strengths: Brave, Just and smart, this pup knows how to survive.
  Talents: She can actually start fires, having seen carnival men do so when with her father
  Habits: Lilith often hides from the pack or runs off to explore alone. She hates company as the prior she had  abandoned her without warning. (history to be added)

  Family: Harlequin, Rory, Kiora
  Mate: HA
  Pups: ER NO IM LIL
  Friends: akka
  Enemies: meanies
  Crush: .........................................

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Lilith (WIP)

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