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Second Character : Caelum - Healer | Ardire - Shaman | Xavier - Pup
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Sat Jun 14, 2014 1:39 am

The Basics:
    Name: Caelum
   Meaning: "Heaven" in Latin
   Nicknames: N/A
   Age: 4 (almost 5)
   Gender: Male
   Rank: Healer
   Preference: Bisexual, leaning more towards males
   Scent: Honey

The Exterior:

Pelt: Caelum has a beautiful golden-yellow coat that is silky and fluffy. It is quite thick but it is hardly ever tangled no matter what.
Eyes: His eyes are a gloriously shimmering glasz (a mixture of gold, pup-blue and light grey with light tints of green) and are quite alluring.
Other physical aspects: Caelum can be considered a beautiful and handsome wolf. His smiles are known by -cough-rabid females-cough- to be quite breath-taking and contagious. He leans more to the thin and lean side of muscle structure and doesn't possess as much strength needed to be a guardian. His speed can be said to be average, however occasionally, when herbs are concerned, he is able to exert a shocking amount of energy to get what he wants.

The Interior:

Suave: Caelum is a very sophisticated wolf. His movements are quite elegant but confident.
Laid-back: He is not one to burst out in panic and tends to observe before doing anything brash.
Sharp: His perception abilities are quite remarkable and he is able to guess many things according to his intuition.
Knowledgeable: Before he had joined SRP, Caelum was revered as a prodigy in all aspects of healing. He had spent a great deal of time, honing his knowledge of herbs and remedies and using his photographic memory to the best of his ability.
Persuasive: Persuasion was a talent he had gained during the few months he had spent traveling. He had encountered a very peculiar pack who had a very peculiar set of females. Because of his delicate and handsome appearance, he was sought after, which was something he didn't exactly appreciate. Therefore, he developed a very useful talent of sweet/smooth-talking his way out of sticky situations.
Modest: Caelum never boasts about his vast knowledge, nor does he flaunt the aspect of him having a photographic memory. He'd rather keep it all hidden.
Accidentally alluring: Because of his good looks, Caelum tends to attract many wolves. He has never noticed his suitors before, though the females from that pack were very obvious.


   History: Caelum was born into a relatively small pack, east of where Serenity River Pack is located, one to two thousand kilometres away. He was the eldest out of a litter of 3 and was the only male. His puphood was a happy and carefree one, without a lot of hardships other than the general training all pups had to go through before their eventual choosing of professions.

Caelum was born into a family with a long history of healers and hence, it wasn't a surprise that he chose to apprentice as a healer when he had become a yearling. At a young age, his parents had firmly trained him and all of his siblings with the basic knowledge of healing, making sure that the family trait of having prodigal healing prowess wouldn't die out. It wasn't a surprise to the elder healer of his former pack when she saw that he already had much more advanced teachings than the rest of his fellow apprentices. There wasn't much else she could teach him, other than the rest of the bits and pieces his parents hadn't told him.

Caelum was released as a fully-fledged healer at the age of 1 and 3/4, making him one of the youngest wolves to ever complete their training. Of course, his parents were ecstatic and gladly allowed him to continue his studies separate from the pack, with strangely hesitant permission from the Alphas. Thus, that was the last time he ever saw his siblings and his parents.

He travelled west, studying the newest species of flora he had never seen before as he travelled into newer territory. At one point, he had wandered into the pack territory of a pack that consisted mainly of females, with a pawful of males that were around to guard and some to reproduce. It was purely an accident and a coincidence that he meddled with that pack. He was ambushed by two of the male wolves residing within that pack, while observing a weed and was taken to the female Alphas who would decide his punishment for trespassing.

One would say that it was the most traumatising experience he had ever gone through. Caelum was sure that as he was lead through the pack's main area, he was introduced to every single member of the pro-female pack, each one of them, giving him looks that sent unpleasant chills down his back. Heck, even one of them decided to invade his personal space and be all cuddly with him. By the time, he reached the Alphas, he had been nuzzled, prodded with muzzles, leered at and jumped. The female Alphas were no better than the other females of the pack.

After suffering in the pack, he escaped after a very helpful male guard deciding to aid him. Caelum never saw him again, after he saw his saviour being hauled off back into pack territory. He continued running west, never stopping until he was sure that there were no more packs for him to intrude in.

He continued to wander around in the most lonesome areas, not wanting to have another confrontation with another pack, for another year. It wasn't until he was 4 did he find Serenity River Pack and decide to settle down.....

Other information:

   Weaknesses: Caelum is quite dense when it comes to romance, unless the affection is shown incredibly clearly. He has a soft spot for cute things, which include all baby animals. He has a very reluctant relationship with females, despite not showing it on the outside, due to his past.
   Strengths: Caelum has a vast knowledge of herbs and medicinal recipes, his photographic memory enabling him to remember everything.
   Talents: He has a terrible yet useful talent of being able to persuade many to do his requests. He tries his best not to use this ability, but if the situation calls for it, he will not hesitate.
   Habits: Caelum loves to lie in the sun, basking in its warmth. If there is a patch of sunlight, it is guaranteed he'll be there.

   Family: Mother, father, siblings (all alive)
   Mate: None
   Pups: None
   Friends: Kilan, Axel, Sora, Kjell
   Enemies: None
   Crush: None (yet)

Ω Phynix Ω Caelum Ω Ardire Ω Xavier Ω

Ways to Cheer Up:
Say boopdedoop in the lowest possible voice you can
Say bubbles as angrily as you can

~Phynix table by Raj
Caelum table by Kuro
Ardire table by Kiora
Signatures by Kaze~
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