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Sat Jan 09, 2016 6:05 pm

Name: Zykita
  Nickname(s): Zy
  Age: 2
  Gender: F
  Rank: Guardian
  Species: Arctic Wolf
                Zykita stands about 64 cm tall, 89cm long, and weighs about 35kg. She is on the smaller end of an Artic wolf. She has a slight muscular build and is quick on her feet making her a fast runner. Her fur is a glossy white, almost appearing silver in many places. At the very tip of her tail Zy's fur is black. The only other black spot is her front right paw making it look like she is wearing an anklet sock. Her eyes are an ice blue sometimes appearing white in the winter just because of how bright blue her eyes are.
        Zykita is very calm in nature. She loves to wander around the woods enjoying the smells around her. Her favorite thing is possibly to wander alone to enjoy nature at its’ finest. When provoked into a fight, she is downright vicious making it well known that she isn’t just an instant submissive female. She will stand her ground until she can no longer get up. Zyikita is often quiet, listening to things and taking them in. Most wolves wouldn’t notice her presence unless she was upwind from them. She isn’t much of a talker since she would rather listen to everything, but once she does talk her words seem far beyond her years. She can rather notice the smaller things in life, but does look at the bigger picture in many things.

Zyikita comes from a different park further north. Much further north where it is always cold no matter the season. She was born with her two brothers and one sister to her alpha mother and father. Growing up in the pack was harsh since many expected one of her siblings or possibly her to lead one day, but that was never what she wanted. She hated the thought of being an alpha especially to a pack that was so gruesome as they were. As she was able to distance herself slowly from the pack she began to explore and learn many new things. But her pack was quick to catch on to her escape tactics and started having one pack member follow her around everywhere she went.

It wasn’t until she found an outsider wolf did she realize there were other packs out there. And from there she devised her plan of escape. She became the perfect pack mate to her pack to earn their trust back. She started to play in their ‘games’ of fighting to build her strength up. The day that she was ready to go she made to slip as quick as possible away from the wolf that her parents had deemed appropriate for a mate for her. Without ever looking back, she ran. Feeling as if she was running forever she only stopped to rest for short spurts and continued to run for many moons passing through many other pack’s territories as quickly as possible. She wanted to run as far away as she could from the wolves that use to be her own pack.

  Weaknesses: Zyika's main weakness is her love of nature. She hates to see it destroyed in any shape or form.
  Strengths: Zyika's strength is running. She can run forever it feels like.
  Talents: Sneaking up on other wolves.
  Habits: Wandering off to explore

  Family: None to be mentioned
  Mate: No
  Pups: nope
  Friends: None yet
  Enemies: None to her knowledge
  Crush: Nope

  How did you find us: Google searched wolf rpgs
  Secret Password found in "Guidelines": 'Watagatapitus berry!'

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Re: Zykita
Sun Jan 10, 2016 11:32 am

Hi Zykita! Just a couple things before your bio can be accepted:

- 16 is an unrealistic age for a wolf. Most wolves in the wild die around the age of 10. Females reach sexual maturity at age 2.

- You must select one of the following ranks: Guardian, scout, hunter, or healer.

Your bio will be accepted once you have edited these things :)


Click the names to see the bios! :3
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Re: Zykita
Mon Jan 11, 2016 11:40 am

Got it :)

I think what was throwing me off was ages on the side so I was thinking that was the wolfs age haha.

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Re: Zykita
Mon Jan 11, 2016 3:34 pm

Admin's names are light blue and pale pink and mod's names are in light green. Welcome to the pack!


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Re: Zykita

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