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 Ezel's Biography

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Ezel's Biography
Thu Mar 17, 2016 4:34 pm

Name: Ezel
Nickname: N/A
Age: 2 Years
Gender: Male
Rank: Hunter
Species: Ethiopian Wolf
Appearance: Ezel is a skinny Ethiopian Wolf with a redish-brown fur coat. He has a dull white colored underbelly, which extends up until his chin, covering his lower jaw, and down until the base of his tail. His eyes are a golden-amber color. His ears are a tad large, allowing him to hear prey well. Ezel's legs are long, allowing him to easily run and leap, but he has trouble in rough terrain. Ezel's fur is thin, but can hold in enough warmth if needed. His tail is slightly bushier than his pelt, which he uses to keep his nose warm at night. His snout is long, which helps him hunt as well.
Personality: Ezel is sometimes light-hearted, but usually serious. He can sometimes be mistaken as grumpy, therefore many avoid him. Ezel has little to no temper issues, but if he is stressed, worried, scared, or angry he can easily snap. He loves telling tales of successful hunts to young pups and, rarely, lazing in the sun. He often will be gone for hours on end outside, thinking or hunting. His love for helping the pack has made him a strong hunter and a caring pack mate that helps out in times of need, dangerous or not. Ezel is generous, and will often give his spare time to helping out others in the pack. Basically, he's really helpful and loves to hunt.

History: Ezel was born in a grassy savannah. His parents had left him there to die, after deeming him too small and skinny to be of use. Ezel survived, and managed travel to a secluded grove, around 30 miles away from the Serenity River Pack. After about a year, the young Ezel heard about the pack, and decided to see what it was all about. Unfortunately, on the way there, he badly dislocated his left hind paw while attempting to cross a gorge, and was forced to head back to his makeshift den. Several months later, Ezel was determined to try again. His paw was completely healed, though he had a very small, usually unnoticed limp. Somewhere in the middle of his journey, he met a pup named Ozeal, who helped him with some cuts on his paw pads. They traveled together, until Ozeal had to return to his territory. After successfully going 24 miles, he set up another camp. Once again, bad luck crossed his path. His den was ravaged and ransacked by a pack of rouge wolves from a distant area. He was forced to go the rest of the 6 miles half-starved, exhausted, and injured, and barely made it. After being taken in, he became a hunter, so he could prevent any wolf feeling what he had experienced during the last 6 miles. He now tells those tales of his adventure to young pups.
Weaknesses: Ezel's long, skinny legs are not of much use in rough terrain, therefore making him useless there. He also has a habit of offering help, which can sometimes annoy other pack mates.
Strengths: Ezel has extremely basic, but useful, medicinal knowledge (how to treat a dislocated limb, which berries not to eat, etc.) His long legs allow him to catch up to prey easily, and his long snout can easily scent out prey.
Talents: Hunting, Storytelling/Entertainment, Traveling.
Habits: Helping others, being lost in thought, being too serious.

Family: Unknown parents or siblings due to History.
Mate: N/A
Pups: N/A
Friends: A young pup that he had met along his travels, who helped him with some minor cuts on his paw pads, named Ozeal.
Enemies: N/A
Crush: N/A

How Did I Find SRP: Browsing online while trying to find a good RP site :)
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Re: Ezel's Biography
Mon Mar 28, 2016 1:35 pm

This is a wonderful wolf and biography! Thank you for joining!
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Ezel's Biography

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