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Fri Mar 25, 2016 1:54 pm

Name:* Oak
  Nickname(s): N/A
  Age:* 1 year
  Gender:* Female
  Rank:* Scout
  Species:* Red Wolf
  Appearance:* Oak is a small, dark brown wolf with a pale, tan underbelly and grey ears, muzzle, and the tip of her tail. She is slightly speckled with grey. On her chest she has dark brown tuft of fur. Her eyes are a soft, slightly watery, grayish-yellow. She has a short and rough coat that's almost always a bit matted. Despite being small, her legs are long, but sometimes giving her a disadvantage when sprinting. Oak's ears are very big and her snout is broad, but crooked. Her head is large, giving her an almost bobble-head appearance.    
  Personality:* This wolf is forgetful and can seem ditsy at first, bit is wise for her young age. She tries not to take too many risks and will refuse to fight as long as it isn't an emergency. She is a good listener but not skilled at directly speaking or confronting other wolves. Oak is caring towards pups but sometimes has trouble with others. She tries to keep to her self and isn't very open about her past or personality and prefers to learn about different wolves and their packs, so you could say she is curious in this way. Oak is very shy.

  History:* (**[b]If included[/b] Oak was born into the pack and grew up like a regular pup, but occasionally taunted because of her odd appearance. She preferred to be alone and was very careful because of all the stories her pack members would tell about vicious animals and pups getting hurt. One day though, she was training as usual, slipped and fell on her snout and fractured it,which gave the other pups more of an excuse to laugh at her. Her snout is still crooked to this day. Once she left her puppy stages, she was at first a hunter until noted for how easily she could maneuver out of tight spots and became the scout that she is today. As her scouting skills grew greater, she hoped that one day she could save the pack from something incredible, but she knows that is very unlikely and is very puppyish for her to dream like that.    
  Weaknesses:* She is scared of loud noises and has a very sensitive nose.
  Strengths:* She is wise beyond her years and is a good listener.
  Talents: Running is great, very wise
  Habits: To sniff more than she needs to

  Family: N/A
  Mate: N/A
  Pups: N/A
  Friends: N/A
  Enemies: N/A
  Crush: N/A

  How did you find us:* Top 50 Wolf RP
  Secret Password found in "Guidelines": Fao edit
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Re: Oak
Mon Mar 28, 2016 1:30 pm

*We do request that you change your username to that of your character's name please*
Admin's names are light blue and pale pink and mod's names are in light green. Welcome to the pack!


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