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 Because Extinction? Hah! It's Just sooo over-rated!

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Tan Zeel


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Because Extinction? Hah! It's Just sooo over-rated!
Sun Mar 27, 2016 11:36 pm

And truly.... because Dire Wolves DO live with us, dearie.  Oh yesss...

Name:  Tan Zeel
  Nickname(s):'The Freak', 'Cur', Half-Breed'
  Age:  4/1/2 years
  Gender:  Male
  Rank:  HUNTER
  Species:  Here is where it gets interesting....  Tan Zeel is half Dire Wolf and half Arabian Wolf!
  Appearance:  Oh my....  is it the physical manifestation of the best of wolf breeds - possibly the worst?  Where to begin?  For starters, he is a big fellow.  Tall.  The height he gets from his mother's side, where a lean, lanky approach to life on those desert sands has definite advantages.  Mass.  His head is one thing that conveys his Dire heritage, all too well....  Muscles literally dance and jump when his jaws clench.  Coloration?  Exotic....  begins with a black dorsal stripe on his spine that ends abruptly in light brown/tan fur down his back.  Grey/silver stripes slash his flanks.  His head and face are an overall tan/light brown in coloration, though his eyes have a unique black 'goggle striped' slash of fur across his face (Arabian trait - thanks Mom!) with deep, dark - almost black - brown eyes embedded deep within that black 'mask'.  The light tan ruff is thick and tipped with black.  Tail is marked similarly and is thick in fur and expressive.  When agitated, the black dorsal fur along his spine will rise in a definite, black 'razor-back' (Look out!  He's nervous, agitated or may be quite pissed!).  Legs and feet are a darker version of the same tan/light brown coloration overall.
  Personality: In a word.... strong?  He is a literally a survivor of his past.  Owned by no pack, cast out as a freak by his mother's own kind in Arabian Wolves upon her death, he casts his loyalties now where he knows they will serve him best.  His gaze is direct, and seemingly doesn't care if you think he is challenging you for dominance.  He measures.  Weighs what you have given him, and will engage with you on his own terms.  But, if you bring him a level of commitment and dominance in return?  He is quick to respect that impression and will reward that with loyalty and service in terms that can only be described as, 'Honor'.

  History:  Well now........shall we dance?  

Oh, my father.  I did not know you!  How did his father, this improbably big, thick-furred wolven being arrive on the desert plains of his Mother's ancestral lands?  How indeed.....  
And so, his mother.  HER Name was 'Tai Zee', and she was the First-Born of her father's many off-spring.  And, was most definitely his favorite.  Her Father's Advisor - and Shaman....  a quite burly fellow known as THE DIRE - was named in the almost forgotten tongue 'Culluaiern' (Meaning:  'Dirty Paws').  He was an enigmatic fellow who lived aloof and alone from The Chosen (Her pack!) in a small, cliff-side cave.  For some reason, Tai Zee's father seemed almost obsessed with this ugly, freakishly large wolf and spent many mysterious evenings in his company.  The Alpha's chosen Shaman wolf had mystic powers.  And, as her brethren learned, was physically powerful as well, and NOT to be challenged directly in a fight.  In short?  This Dire Wolf Shaman proved to be completely FASCINATING to a rather young, impressionistic she-wolf.  Well, the rest, as they say was,*ahem*... inevitable?  Oh the shame!  His mother, Tai Zee, was not claimed!  She was not the claimed mate of one of the pack's male 'Bravos'.  No....  she was obviously pregnant with an unclaimed pregnancy!  Oh my, only her father's status as the Alpha Male of his pack, 'The Chosen Ones' saved her.  Ahhhh....  but, who would prove to be the Father?  And so it happened.  And with the arrival of the freakish large pup, it seems that 'Culluaiern' the Dire Wolf Shaman, was immediately suspected of this birth - and attacked.   Death!  Blood.....  and the death of Culluaiern.  Though, five of the strongest of The Chosen died in the killing of this Dire Wolf.   His Grandfather, Dra-zunn, named the cursed pup himself upon his birth.  And, proscribed any of his pack from hurting his grandson under the pain of his own personal protection.  The pup was named 'Tan Zeel' and he was the only one birthed of his mother, Tai Zee. But, the weeks, then months and finally years came to pass.  His protector/grandfather died of a virus.  And ultimately, his mother died in battle against a would-be challenger to her rule, as Alpha.
Tan Zeel for the first time in his life, found himself alone.  Unprotected.
And most definitely............

  Weaknesses:  He loves pups - they OWN him.
  Strengths:  Respects loyalty - Honor.  Has the - as yet - unrealized, mystic powers of a Shaman within him.
  Talents:  A survivor - he knows how to overcome the situation.  Studies carefully and knows the prey facing him.  Identifies weakness, exploits the advantages.
  Habits: Prone to seeking the best, most comfortable spots to rest in....

  Family:  Oh, well then....  Can we say, 'Dysfunctional'?

  Mate:  Really?
  Pups:  *wistful* They're amazing!  Awesome.  Incredible!  So.....  beautiful.
  Friends:  Well, there is this bird.  He sort of hangs out with me, y'know. A 'Raven'?  Beyond that.....
Many.  Will you find yourself one, as well?

  Crush:  Little things, right?  Like rats or moles underpaw....  Heh.  One quick 'crunch' and those 'crunch things' are just GONE, yo'....

  How did you find us: Top 50 Wolf RPG's that was linked to from my old RP site.
  Secret Password found in "Guidelines": Watagatapitus berry!

Last edited by Tan Zeel on Mon Mar 28, 2016 9:31 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Second Character : Malachi and Todd
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Re: Because Extinction? Hah! It's Just sooo over-rated!
Mon Mar 28, 2016 1:28 pm

Hello Tan, there is only one thing missing here before this can be accepted! You must pick a rank (Either a hunter, guardian, scout, or a healer). Also, I noticed that one of his strengths is Shaman abilities. This is perfectly fine, especially since they are unrealized, but I do want you to understand that the Shaman rank is an earned position, and your character must develop and realize these abilities within the actual role play. Once you edit that one thing, you will be good to go!


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Tan Zeel


Posts : 15
Galleons : 10

Re: Because Extinction? Hah! It's Just sooo over-rated!
Mon Mar 28, 2016 9:36 pm

His rank is now edited-in as HUNTER, and thanks muchly for your review and input. :=)
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Second Character : Akka
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Re: Because Extinction? Hah! It's Just sooo over-rated!
Tue Mar 29, 2016 2:52 pm

This is really cool! I love him!

Admin's names are light blue  and mod's names are in light green. Welcome to the pack!


Akka sig by Phynix! <3
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Second Character : Muria
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Re: Because Extinction? Hah! It's Just sooo over-rated!
Fri Apr 01, 2016 1:37 am

Welcome to SRP! I hope you find it as amazing as I do!


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Re: Because Extinction? Hah! It's Just sooo over-rated!

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Because Extinction? Hah! It's Just sooo over-rated!

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