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Sun May 01, 2016 6:23 am

Name:* Lika
  Nickname(s): Leeky, Dirt, King of the Hill
  Age:* unkown, he never kept track.
  Gender:* Male
  Rank:* Scout
  Species:* Gray Wolf
Appearance:* Lika is a pretty big wolf, even for a gray wolf. He is more muscular than just fat, (But still pretty fat) and his fur is always matted with something, be it dirt, leaves, bugs, what have you, which makes him seem larger than the others as well. His fur is a natural light brown and due to just being dirty all the time he comes off a few shades darker and browner than what he really is. His eyes are a nice and vivid golden yellow, with a few brown flecks here and there. His tail is a little on the short side, but very bushy from not being up-kept. His ears are all torn from fights of old, and his face is heavily scarred along with his legs and most of his torso, but one would never notice by all the fur and dirt. His weight fluctuates, depending if he ever cares to find time to clean himself. Usually on a good day he weighs 145lbs.
Personality:* The definition of lazy. He often lets others do the work, while he sits back and reaps the rewards. Laid back attitude, and hardly is one to pick fights, but get him mad, and he will get MAD. Being a big guy, ticking him off is sure to not be a pleasant experience, and usually leads to deep remorse by those who cross him. He likes his quiet time, but is one to be chatty with others and very open and not at all judgmental towards others actions. He is all but a lazy wolf, but a humble wolf, since there is nothing for him to be humble about. He gets excited when he sees food, his favorite person, chances for a nap, or food...did I mention food?
History:* Lika grew up in a valley, he was the largest pup of his litter, and often spent many of his youthful days sleeping. When he was finally kicked out of his pack for not contributing, he ventured off to do his own thing for a while, until finally settling in a different valley. There, he made his home on a large hill which he found a nice grovel of an abandoned bear den to live in. It wasn't long while he was hunting he came across a pack of other wolves, called the Valley Wolves. They fought over a kill, and before long, Lika ran them off, and had himself a nice dinner, and a nap. The wolves of the pack were fearful for a while, whenever they saw him wondering around, and often decided it was best to not get near him, but curiosity is a funny thing.
A few broke away after a hunt, and found where he lived, and tried to speak to him. Lika by instinct, didn't want anything to do with them, and eventually drove them off, but they kept coming back, as they thought he was some sort of fierce and benevolent figure worth joining. Fed up with their persistence, he let them hang around his hill, and eventually they decided to stay for good. As annoying as this was, finding himself in a leadership position with no desire to even lead (too lazy) he decided to turn this to his favor, and formed an official pack, the Hill Wolves, in mockery of the Valley Wolves.
The Hill Wolves roamed, and fought amongst each other, and the Valley Wolves, and had no rules to go off by as Lika didn't care if they came or went, so anything was game, and over time these wolves became violent and unforgiving. The Valley Wolves became torn, as many omega's started to leave to join these so-called Hill Wolves, and the leader of the valley pack became frustrated as his numbers dwindled, along with the food. He decided the next time he came across this somehow rivaling pack, he'd seek revenge, and personally go after Lika. Though Lika had other plans, his plan, was to go and take the newborn pups to raise as his own, so his own numbers would strengthen and he would rule over the whole valley and the hills, and live a comfortable life as the head alpha.
On the night Lika decided to raid the Valley Wolves, was a perfect time, there was no moon and it was overcast as it began to rain. The Hill Wolves attacked in the dead of night and took the Valley Wolves by surprise. A glorious battle broke out, and Lika and the alpha of the valley pack fought one another, till death do them part. Lika came out victorious (Somehow) and the Hill Wolves took off with a good number of pups.
Things were looking good and up for the Hill Wolves, they had domain over the whole valley and everyone shook in their fur when they were around. However, their culture was ascewed and no one was organized. There was so much conflict inside of the pack that it made governing hard to do, and Lika seemed to never step in to solve anything. The second in command to Lika saw this, and decided Lika was unfit to lead (wow, who would have guessed) and convinced the others to turn on Lika. They successfully drove him out of his own pack by threatening and forcefully driving him out. So now, Lika wonders alone, in hopes of finding a decent meal and place to rest, unsure of where his next footfall will be, and always tired.
Weaknesses:* Lazy with little brains about him, an obvious one. His other weakness is his strong odor, which gives him away faster.
Strengths:* Large and all braun, his strength when at his physical peak, is quite impressive and he is able to muscle his way through any conflict. Another strength of his, is sensing danger before is appears, which comes in handy to someone who is as lazy as he.
Talents: Within his laziness, he finds better and easier solutions to most problems to avoid anything too laborious or avoid sticky conflicts. Lika also has an eye for finding food, and knows what is safe to eat/attack, and what is not safe to eat/attack.
Habits: Likes to roll in dirt as often as he can; see a mud puddle, be the mud puddle. Naps when it is not appropriate to nap. Snores...loudly.

  Family: Eh, mum and dad, omega's of his first pack.
  Mate: None, never bothered.
  Pups: He never had pups of his own, but had around six surrogate ones.
  Friends: All his so-called friends attacked him, so he has none at the moment.
  Enemies: The Valley Wolves, the Hill Wolves, some random bear
  Crush: Why bother? Troublesome, females are, always nagging about grooming....

  How did you find us:* I was bored, wanted to get back into wolf RP, and looked up 'Wolf RP groups' and this one popped up!
  Secret Password found in "Guidelines":* Watagatapitus berry!

Last edited by Lika on Mon May 02, 2016 12:06 am; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : I am a mega derp, and kept seeing small grammatical errors after I sent it in, not changing things around, just editing mis-spelled words or sentences that make no sense.))
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Re: Lika
Sun May 01, 2016 10:45 pm

Wow I love this bio! Great character, I am happy to see him become a part of our site! The only thing that I am going to need to ask you to change is his weight- as even the largest male wolves are not nearly 200 pounds. 150 pounds is very very hefty. We are currently at the end of a major fighting plot- after which we are moving website locations. I just wanted to make you aware so that you aren't totally confused as you join the RP. PM me if you have any questions :)
Admin's names are light blue and pale pink and mod's names are in light green. Welcome to the pack!


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Posts : 4
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Re: Lika
Mon May 02, 2016 12:06 am

Of course! I was looking up largest Grey Wolf breeds and they said a base weight was around 175-180, so I figured, big guy, kinda bigger. But thanks for the acceptance! Looking forward to RP'ing with you all as well!

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Re: Lika
Mon May 02, 2016 1:59 pm

Welcome to SRP!!!


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Re: Lika

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