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Sat May 07, 2016 3:03 am

2 years of age
Gray wolf
At first glance, Jax doesn't look overly special. He's actually very plain in his looks and he enjoys that immensely. His fur is a simple grey and black color. Patches of white blend in with the grey/black. Jax is of a normal size for his age. He isn't huge nor is he small. His coat, thick around his neck and decreasing in thickness going down the length of his body, gives him the appearance that he's a fairly large fellow. His legs are slender, but muscular and great for running if he actually needs to run. His eyes are a simple brown and give off a lighter brown glint when in the sun. His facial structure is also very plain. Slender snout, bright and always happy eyes, ears that are always perked and ready to hear the latest story, and a nose constantly quivering to learn new scents as he goes.    

Personality: Jaxon here is a very sweet, goofy and sometimes very awkward. He was raised to always be polite and to be kind to those around him. He's chatty, but knows when the conversation needs to be ended. And he is always getting into trouble for some foolish idea he has. Jax will want to be your protecter. Once you've become friends with this goof, he'll make sure you stay safe. He's always had a dark side though. He comes off as "perfect", but in reality he isn't. He puts his trust into others and they go ahead and break it. If he feels himself getting close to another, he back tracks and pushes them away regardless of the pain it causes him, or the other person.  He always been wary about angering others and strives to please everyone. He's a team player, but does have a rebellious side when he believes that something isn't right.

  History: Jaxon was born in happy and healthy family that loved and cared for him greatly. He was the runt of his litter and had a harder time catching up on the growing. His two sisters, Xenia and Sasha, were his protecters the moment they entered the outside world. Both parents were involved early on, but his father let not long after and never returned. His mother, determined to make sure her litter of three were raised correctly, did everything in her power to make them perfect. They joined a pack. A small one, but there were plenty of wolves around. As he grew, his mother reminded him every day to be kind to others and never show true anger. Xenia and Sasha grew very fast and were becoming irritated with the prospect of watching their litter mate every day. That was the first time someone broke his trust and it wouldn't be the last. They lived with this pack for almost a year. Since his sisters had almost completely written him out of their lives, he chose to stick close to his mother. They grew close and he adored the attention he received.

The pack they belonged to had a ceremony where the young wolves of the pack would assist the older wolves in a hunt. Jax, overly excited, wanted to head out early, but was told to get rest before the early morning hunt. The next morning, he was woken by his mother who nudged her three pups out of sleep. The hunt began. It didn't end well. Feeling courageous suddenly, he broke off from the unit to go around the prey and spook them from the back. He did just that. He never thought of a stampede and by the time he did, it was to late. Xenia had been caught in the middle o the stampede and badly injured. Jax raced back to the pack not knowing his sibling lay injured. He walked up, tail wagging and eyes bright with happiness.
"Why are you all standing around?" he said. "The prey is that way. I made them run towards you. Didn't you see?"
A hearty growl told him that the pack wasn't happy. He quickly looked for his mother whom was crouched beside Xenia. His heart broke seeing his sister laying there injured. His mother turned and looked at her only son. He saw the heart break in her eyes, the anger and the loss she was about to endure. She attacked him biting and nipping at him. She was driving him away and he couldn't do anything. He left, looking back once more to stare at his mother and two siblings once more. He then left and never saw them again.

Seeing those he loves getting hurt. If he caused the pain, he feels utterly hopeless
He has a kind heart and will always be there for anyone who just needs a friend.
His ability to make other smile is one of his talents he takes pride in.
When he gets nervous, he does a sort of hop dance. He has to keep moving in awkward situations.

Axan - Father - Unkown
Vylla - Mother - Unkown
Xenia - Sister - Unkown
Sasha - Sister - Unkown

  How did you find us:
I used to be a member, but I wasn't able to be active within the community. I decided I'd give it another go
  Secret Password found in "Guidelines":
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Re: Jax
Mon Jun 20, 2016 2:22 am

Admin's names are light blue and pale pink and mod's names are in light green. Welcome to the pack, Jax! If you have any questions, just pm a staff member.


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