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Mon May 16, 2016 11:33 pm

Name: Amarok
  Nickname(s): N/A
  Age: 3 ½ years
  Gender: Male
  Species: Northern Rocky Mountains Wolf
Amarok, unlike the rest of his family, is quite lean in his build, with well-muscled legs built for leaping and running. He stands at about 30 inches, making him rather tall to add to his overall gangly physique.  His ears are a tad larger than most, with a strangely elongated muzzle and equally elongated teeth. Some would describe him as almost fox-like if not for this height. However, in terms of pure muscle, he’s lacking. A slight fray of black, slightly ebbing off into silver alone his muzzle area goes up in a soft band over his head, the dark fur around his eartips being a similar color.  His chest, the sides of his face, and down his front legs are a similarly off color white, with a fade of darker fur going towards his tail and back legs. His eyes are a faded, smoky yellow-amber color. On the side of his face, three deep gouging marks, though faded, can be noticed tucked between his fur.
  Personality: By nature, he is a very conjugal being. He enjoys talking, whether some other wolf is around or not. Tolerant and usually well mannered, Amarok is fairly easy going and easy to speak to, having more practice than anything. Some would say he had potential for a great leader, if it wasn’t for a painful sense of pride that he fears might get damaged. Occasionally stubborn, he is fiercely loyal to people he really loves, though those may be few and far between. He hate’s being overly serious, making his best attempt to add humor to even the most dire moments. Despite being a bit reckless, he really is a caring individual, and he loves pups. The reasoning behind that would probably be that he is almost a pup himself, in his actions.

(im sorry it’s a lot longer than I had meant it to be originally!)
Amarok’s birth parents were unknown to him, or at the very least, he doesn’t remember them. His first memories  of his milk mother were very  dim to him, but he did remember meeting his mother, who had found him on the shore of the sea.  With her own young pup, she had milk to give, and was searching for a place to hide from her former pack. Her name was Caira, and from the moment she found Amarok abandoned on the shoreline, small and soaked, she had loved him.  She named him Amarok, which she would tell him meant great wolf in an old language, for a great spirit must have brought him to her. Amarok understood little, at first.  But slowly, he would begin to explore the world around him. As he grew , his mother gave him more and more attention. Ren, however, his older “brother” by just a few weeks, grew envious. He hated Amarok, more than he hated anyone. Then again, he knew so few that he couldn’t understand what hate really meant. He was disgusted that such a pathetic little pup could mean more to his mother than her own son. But life went on.
Caira, and her two newfound sons, traveled beyond the shores of the sea to the innermost reaches of the forest lands.
Amarok didn’t know mistrust. But Amarok also did not know the meaning of friends, of true family. And so he would look to Ren. Ren, though angry, was clever. It was only when they were barely yearlings that he had decided:  He had to get rid of his brother. So, one day, he led him to the river. While Amarok wasn’t looking, his brother shoved him into the churning waters. That would be the last time he would every see his mother again. Ren would make a false call out to his mother, telling her he was drowning, but Ren knew it would be too late for her to do anything. He was swept down with the current, and he felt himself begin to fade.
However, he woke up, after all. He found himself on the shoreline. A strange, gray wolf had saved him. His name had been Kenai. He had seen him drowning in the water, barely surviving by holding onto a pile of floating debris, and rescued him before he drowned. It was then he experienced his first feelings of love. They spent most of their time together, and settled down for a while. However, a feeling of longing was deep inside Amarok. He wanted to find his brother and his mother. Kenai agreed to the long trek upriver, to where they might find this forgotten family.
They began their journey back upriver. However, what they didn’t know was that Ren was not far behind them. As they walked onward, they discovered the body of Caira. After Amarok’s “death” she hadn’t been the same. And it drove Ren mad with rage. He killed her, out of envy and anger. He was infuriated that his brother had not died, and that he had found something that he could never have: love. Out of anger,  Ren lunged towards Amarok, teeth bared and aimed for this throat. But it was Kenai who jumped in front of him, taking the blow before Amarok could react. Kenai’s life faded away quickly, but Amarok was not ready to die. He had to take revenge, both for his mother and his love. He lunged at his brother, who fought back with twice as much anger and force. But he didn’t back away from him. With one swift bite to the neck, Ren was gone. He wasn’t left without a souvenir, however: a claw mark scar across the right side of his face. And with that, his entire family, anything he ever loved, had disappeared.
He traveled for many moons after this, crushed b the loss of the things he loved, but not completely broken. He would eventually find the one place that would give him solace, the Serenity river pack.
Weaknesses: For one thing, he doesn’t know how to handle a serious situation. He takes things too lightly and its scared of too immense of a responsibility.
  Strengths:* He’s good tempered for the most part, he has a special connection with those around him that make him great at communication and understanding problems.
  Talents: He has powerful back legs and is a renowned jumper and a fairly decent runner, if not a bit clumsy.
  Habits: Although sociable, he doesn’t enjoy being around large groups. He more prefers a one on one talk, anyway. Because of his lack of focus, you’ll always see him doing something to keep himself occupied, whether it be clawing at the ground or kicking at the leaves.

  Family: Caira (adopted Mother- Deceased) Father/mother (Unkown) Ren (Brother)
  Mate: Kenai (Deceased) – N/A
  Pups: N/A
  Friends: N/A
  Enemies: Ren (Brother)
  Crush: N/A

  How did you find us:* I was looking around for  wolf roleplays and I was actually pretty interested in this one, it seems really promising!
  Secret Password found in "Guidelines":* Watagatapitus berry
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Re: Amarok
Mon Jun 20, 2016 2:29 am

Admin's names are light blue and pale pink and mod's names are in light green. Welcome to the pack! Sorry this is a bit late. You can still jump in! If you have any questions, pm a staff member.


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