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 Kavallo *Male*

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Kavallo *Male*
Thu May 19, 2016 9:08 pm

Name: Kavallo
  Nickname(s): Kav (He is more commonly called by this nickname then his full name.), Squirrel
  Age: 3 Years
  Gender: Male
  Rank: Scout
  Species: 75% Labrador Wolf 25% Mutt
  Appearance: While mostly a shade of grey off-white Kav has many varying shades of grey mixed throughout his pelt giving him an almost skeleton-like appearance. Kav's markings include a grey mask that, when he's smiling looks eerily like a wolf's skull. All four legs up to his knees are also the same shade of grey, as well as his tail tip and the fur on the ridge of his back. Kav's fur is short in the summer but he grows a winter coat that is almost twice as thick as his summer one. His winter coat's individual hairs are tipped with a darker grey, that when wet make him look like a brindle though simply make him darker in coloration when dry. His stature is small and he is only 5 feet long with 30 inches at the ear, he ranks just barely 80 pounds, and most of that is bone mass. His legs are long yet study, and his body is very streamline, his tail tapering to a nice point. He's much to fast, and not nearly strong enough to be a warrior but he's perfectly happy being a scout. Kav's eyes are a blueish green, making it look like his eyes never fully changed from blue to green when he was younger. His strangely colored eyes and small figure make him look almost like he's younger then he really is, though the three claw scars he carries proudly on his left shoulder make it clear he's seen more then his share of life.
  Personality: Kav is very much the lighthearted one of the pack. With a smile almost constantly on his face, more often then not the only times he's truly sad is when a wolf dies. Jokes and good humor flow freely from his lips and one of his main talents is lightening the mood of any place or time. Heck even funerals don't stand against him for long as he spews out all the good memories of the wolf he can think of. While he can sometimes get annoying, and his jokes are far from good it's very much difficult to be somber around this confident wolf. He loves pups and can make even the shy ones smile. However to overestimate the lengths to which his happiness will go to is to assume that the dark past of this wolf will never rise ever again. When angered Kav can get nasty, and nasty fast. With his kind nature becoming ruthless, and his smile replaced with a snarl, when angered Kav is unpredictable, like the wind, and as dangerous as any bear. Don't be discouraged though, with a little time to himself, and a smile or two from his pack mates Kav is at max angered for only two days, and even then on the second day he's more depressed at his actions then anything. Even then Kav rarely gets truly angry, and never at a pack mate. Even complete strangers will receive little trouble if they leave his pack alone. A simply summary is "Kav: The happy-go-lucky wolf who has a nasty, but short-lived bad side."

  History: Kav's bad side comes from a rather rough human induced up bringing. Born to a puppy miller who didn't realize his lead breeding pair both had lots of wolf in them he sold the pups to a dog fighter. Thank the stars he was shut down right before Kav's first fight. The kennel that took Kav and his buddies from the fighter mistook his very much wolf like appearance for him actually being a wolf and sent him to a wolf rescue facility that sent him, what they thought was back out, into the wild once he was deemed fit enough to survive. Sadly for Kav he had never been into the wild in his life causing him much stress and pain for his first few weeks. Until he saw them, wandering along he had stumbled upon a pack territory and watched them hunt. He quickly caught on and was able to feed himself after several tries. However much in the theme of his life something bad happened once again. The pack noticed him. Yet things this time actually did go differently. The pack sent many patrols to try and get rid of him but none of their wolves could get up his den. A tree. High in the branches Kav watched safe and sound, often laughing his head off at their silly attempts. The scouts had more luck but none could match his ability of much like the squirrels they hunted leaping from branch to branch and being able to keep their balance. Kav wasn't stupid though and even though the trees had become his home, few of the branches could really support him for lengths at a time. This severely limited how far he could go and after a while the managed to corner him. Yet they didn't try and kill him. Instead they offered him a place among them. Kav knew he couldn't live on his own forever, so the pack became his home, and his one wish is that he serves them well.
  Weaknesses: Kav is not very strong, at all. With his body built for running not throwing others in all directions if he's wounded and can't run you can bet he won't win.
  Strengths: If you were to ask Kav what his greatest strength is he wound simply say "Trees". They have become his greatest food source, his best hiding spot, and his greatest weapon. Kav is one of few, small enough, and well balanced enough, to really use the trees to his advantage. Because of this he has been nicknamed,"Squirrel"
  Talents: Quick (Learning and speed wise), can climb trees, Kav has learned many healing technigues, rather from his own adventures, the healers of his pack, the dogs at the dog fighter's, or from watching rouges, other packs, or sometimes even prey.
  Habits: Smiles most of the time, even when nothing interesting is happening, his paws were chained down when he was at the fighters and he can sometimes still feel their phantoms on his paws so he lifts a paw and shakes it, as if to shake off the chains and then realizes there not there and puts his paw back down

  Family: Mom and Dad are long dead from the cruel conditions of the puppy mill and all his siblings weren't as lucky and died in fights at the dog fighters. So N/A
  Mate: N/A Open through RP
  Pups: N/A
  Friends: TBA
  Enemies: N/A
  Crush: N/A

  How did you find us: List of top 50 Wolf RP sites (You guys were number 1 :D)
  Secret Password found in "Guidelines": Watagatapitus berry!

I am willing to change whatever I need to change in order to join. :D


Oh. And Chez.

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Re: Kavallo *Male*
Fri May 20, 2016 1:14 am

Admin's names are light blue  and mod's names are in light green. Welcome to the pack!


Akka sig by Phynix! <3
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Re: Kavallo *Male*
Fri May 20, 2016 1:40 am

Welcome aboard!


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Re: Kavallo *Male*
Thu Jun 23, 2016 10:43 pm

i can't wait to roleplay with you

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Re: Kavallo *Male*

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Kavallo *Male*

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