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Mon Jun 13, 2016 2:25 pm

Name: Blazefire
Age: 3 years
Gender: Male
Rank: Guardian
Species: Artic wolf
Appearance: Blazefire is a artic wolf with light gold eyes and white fur he is well muscled his fur is rather thick meant to protect him from cold weather his tail fluffy with some scars on his body from past fights he had gotten into before defending himself and others that he was friends with also is not to tall about the average size of a wolf but is still quite skilled in combat has a bit of speed but not as fast as others.
Personality: Blazefire is a tough wolf that doesn't take much annoying things he will defend himself if necessary but will also defend his friends and family with his life he can be gentle and kind at times but also fierce and violent if needed his loyalty is also quite well once he grows to trust people he is fiercely loyal to them and will do what he can to help and defend them.
History: Blazefire was once a guardian of another pack till some human hunters happened upon there den where they where then hunted one after the other. Blazefire tried to defend his pack valiantly along with his pups and his mate but in the end he took a bullet luckly for him it was non fatel and he recovered from it when he came to he saw nothing but his pack laying around dead along with his mate and pups ever since then he has been wandering around searching for a new pack to protect and call his home.
Weakness: He is very caring and will usually rush in to help those he cares about without thinking.
Strength: very loyal and willing to fight and die for his pack making him a formiable opponent.

I found you guys threw another website that had advertised you as a good wolf role play site.

Secret Password: "Shade edit!!!"

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Re: Blazefire
Mon Jun 20, 2016 12:57 am

Heya, Blaze! Just a few things before this can get accepted.

-Wolves don't age the same as humans. Since a year in Serenity is equal to a human year, 26 years is outrageously old for a wolf! Click HERE for a chart showing wolf ages in relation to human ages and edit accordingly. :)

-You need to check over your punctuation.

-The "Appearance" portion is shy about sixteen words.

-The "Personality" section is shy about twenty-eight words.

-"History" needs at least fifty-three more words.

Fix these up and the bio will be accepted. If you need help, I'm only a PM away. :D

I went ahead and edited the password out. You shouldn't need to provide it again. :)


Blazefire Crow_s10

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