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Thu Jun 23, 2016 3:58 pm

Name:* Pandora
  Nickname(s): Pandy, Pan, Pan-Pan
  Age:* Two Years
  Gender:* Female
  Rank:* Scout
  Species:* Eastern Wolf X Tundra Wolf
  Appearance:* Pandora is a scruffy speck of a wolf. To begin with, she takes more after her Eastern Wolf heritage in size, weighing about 53 lbs. and reaching a wither height of 26 in. Her build takes more after a Tundra Wolf though, with broad shoulders and wide, rounded facial features. She has long, well muscled legs that aid her in running long distances, often very fast, as well as enabling her to jump high and far. Despite being compactly build, she is stI'll pretty light weight, giving her nothing to throw around or body slam opponant a with; she'd be better off trying to dodge attacks than give them. Thankfully, her line of work doesn't really require much fighting anyway. In terms of fur, she has a thick, shaggy pelt, the hairs often matting and sticking out unevenly to give her an unkempt appearance. The coloration is primarily shades of brown and tan, with a black overlay going down her back and masking her face. Red tints (especially on her muzzle, ears, neck, and tail) are also found, as well as lighter cream undersides. She has chocolate brown, almond shaped eyes, and sports no visible scars.
  Personality:* This she-wolf has a chill, tomboy-like attitude about her. She naturally addresses most situations with a cocky smirk and the swagger of someone that's three steps ahead of you, never faltering, never losing her cool, always looking like she know's something you don't. Her favorite thing to do is poke and prod at others, teasing them and making fun of them in a friendly manner (though it isn't always percieved as such), often assigning nicknames to her packmates that they didn't ask for, just to get on their nerves. It's all in good fun, just her way of joking around, though her other mannerisms can be seen as rude and rough if you don't know she's just kidding. For one, whether she's having a laugh or just being herself, Pandora isn't afraid to say what's on her mind. She rarely holds back or considers someone else's feelings before saying things, being quick and spontaneous with her reactions; even with loved ones she can be a bit much, though with them, she does seem to show some sense of regret, whereas with strangers, if they are offended, she often shrugs it off and continues on her way. Pandy is a snarky, witty she-wolf that likes she think she's naturally better than others. She usually doesn't brag about this or act snotty; she can just be competitive, stubborn about getting her way, prideful, and easily riled when challenged. She chooses to show how she's better instead of saying it. As aforementioned, she likes to tease others; get inside their mind, twist their words around, and overall make them feel like an idiot sometimes. It's never intended to hurt feelings, she just seems to enjoy stirring up trouble in this sense. Due to her pride, she is fiercely independent, often refusing help from others no matter what. She'd rather mess up three hundred times than admit she can't do something and hand the mike to someone else.; she would only ever accept defeat when everything has snowballed out of control. She is also very loyal; though not everyone can understand her confusing persona (and some quiet frankly don't want to), for those that are her friends, she always takes that into account and is begrudingly willing to move mountains for them. Of course, this doesn't mean their safe from her mental proding, it just means she's willing to adjust herself for them if they want her to. Despite thinking and acting like she know's everything, she is still a relatively young she-wolf, meaning she has a lot to learn and a lot of maturing to do.
(Note this might change a little as I start roleplaying her; I'm sure you know how it is when you describe a character but end up tweaking it as you role play them.)

  History:* To be revealed at a later date
  Weaknesses:* Not strong - Arrogant - Prideful - Stubborn - Nosy - Rude - Bad temper when angered
  Strengths:* Runs fast - Intelligent - Casually patient and easy going - Loyal
  Talents: Toying with others, worming her way out of trouble, singing (has never told a soul of this, and doesn't plan to)
  Habits: --

  Family: None here
  Mate: No one yet
  Pups: None
  Friends: TBD
  Enemies: TBD
  Crush: No one

  How did you find us:* Just by searching 'Wolf RP'. I found the Top 50 Wolf RPG website and clicked on the first link, leading me here. ^^
  Secret Password found in "Guidelines":* Watagatapitus berry!
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Re: Pandora
Thu Jun 23, 2016 4:18 pm

Admin's names are light blue and pale pink and mod's names are in light green.

Welcome to the pack, Pandora! I'll speak with an admin to get you moved to member group. After that, you should be able to begin roleplaying. In the mean time, feel free to look around the site and familiarize yourself with all of the other characters.


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