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Sat Jun 25, 2016 7:14 am

"Tell me that you love me, just so I can hear it
Say that you need me, make me believe it."

{ahhh i hope this is alright! i tried not to make anything too long, but i got carried away here and there and ahh im sorry. um. well. i hope this is accepted and that you all will love me andandandand um yeah.} 
Name: Kanaya
Nickname(s): Kannie
Age:* 2 years and 3 months of age.
Gender:* Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Rank: Healer
Species: She's 100% Canis lupus
Appearance: When the she-wolf was a pup, her mother used to say things along the lines of, "You're as pretty as a spring flower," and yet she never went into detail about what exact flower Kanaya was compared to. But Kanaya knows what sort of "flower" she is. Kanaya is a dandelion;thin and wiry, long legged and sharp. She was a large, owl sort of face, with big eyes that seem to be always lowered and unsure;hiding emotions and opinions she'd never be brave enough to utter.  She's a dandelion covered in a thick wool of butter and cream, eyes wide and as green as newly wet grass;they are the only bold thing that belongs to Kanaya;that is Kanaya. She is all things winter;white. There is no other pigment marking her thick fleece. She is just milk and cream.
Personality: Anxiety? It's a pain, isn't it? Kanaya is the very definition of anxiety. The poor gal can never catch a break it seems. Her whole body shakes 24/7, more so when she's nervous or caught off guard;more so when she's around wolves of a higher ranking than she--due to this, she tends to refuse to meet another's eyes--doesn't matter if they are higher ranked than she;she just can't seem to meet another's eyes unless she's completely comfortable with them. Insecurities clog her mind and senses, forcing her to detach herself from others;forcing her to seem unapproachable and unsociable. Kanaya is, in better words, a stuttering mess of nerves whose body shakes here and there, as if she has her very own earthquake waging inside of her--due to her stuttering, don't expect this femme to talk much--
But Kanaya is a sweet heart. 
It's very, very rare to ever see her upset at anyone but herself--she loves openly and wildly, though she has a hard time saying it and rather finds herself trying to show it by cuddling and smiling and offering her silence to another if they'd want to rant. She is in love with the very idea of love, and you will often catch her eyes lingering on couples and if they have them, their offspring. She wonders what it'd be like to love another so passionately, but fears she'll never know. After all, who would want a stuttering little white mass of anxiety? Who? No one? Ah, didn't think so.

History:  She was born in a field;tall grass provided the privacy needed, the moon's warm glow offered the wolf mother her light, and the lightening bugs provided the pale she-wolf of white company. They floated around the large body of white, like tiny lanterns, adding to the moon's already helpful glow. 
But the she-wolf did not need the light;even in the dark she could see them. Five wriggling bodies, five wriggling bodies that suckled milk from here. Five wriggling pups, warm, and healthy;pups she'd birthed. Pride swelled in her mighty chest. 
The warrior mother was blessed;it had been awhile since any femme in the O'Donald clan had a healthy litter. Most pups were born disabled and died very young. And most pups never even got to open their tiny eyes and run on their stubby legs. 
But Palla could smell the strength in her pups;she could feel it in her bones.  Hige will be pleased, she thought, as she gazed at Mother Moon. 
Ideally, giving birth in an open field wasn't...well, it wasn't ideal. It was too open.
The smell of birth still lingered in the air;coyotes and other creatures of the night had to have smelled it. But Palla wasn't worried--because she could smell him before she could see him. 
Hige was a mighty beast, all muscle. He was a knight dressed in a fleece of black;they made a beautiful pair. Despite having an intimidating build, Hige was the sweetest wolf Palla had ever met. She fell in love with him every day. 
He approached his tired mate with a happy wag of his long banner and pressed his muzzle against hers affectionately.
"My love," he whispered into her fur, his words taking shape in the chilly air. 
She said nothing but gave him a tender smile before she uncurled herself, and showed him her presents;an array of beautiful flowers;five black and white flowers. 
Hige was pleased indeed. 
They named their pups that night after fallen warriors from their pack, and with the help of a nanny or two, they relocated the litter to the den site, a much safer place indeed. 
And that was the beginning of Kanaya. 
She was much like any pup. 
She was happy.
She was lively.
She was playful.
She respected her elders and she loved learning from her parents and family. 
She loved hunting. Or well, the idea of hunting. She wasn't quite old enough to really join the pack in a hunt, but old enough to watch from a safe distance alongside her siblings and other young pups.
But her father could see that she was restless;she wanted to feel the wind run it's fingers through her wild coat of winter and feel the blood pump through her veins as she chased deer.
She's almost old enough, Hige thought one night, and decided he'd take her hunting himself;there was a sickly fawn from a deer herd he'd been eyeing--surely one sick, small, fawn could be easy enough for his daughter?
It had all started out so well. 
But it ended horribly. 
Kanaya had gotten too excited.
She'd lost focus. 
"Kanaya, no!" Her father snapped as she charged through the stampede of deer;she had lost sight of the fawn and all she could think of was all the deer around her;she snapped at them, going wild.
"Kanaya!" Her father screamed, and it was only then did she see it;a large male deer. He came down on her, running over her as if she were no more than grass. Her back legs were broken.
Kanaya's legs never did heal properly. They were...twisted, in a way;in a way that made her limp and stagger.
In a way that made her useless to her family. 
She could not bring in food.
She could not protect the family.
What good was she for?
She was demoted. 
Now, pride wounded and utterly useless to her family, Kanaya spent her time with the Omegas of the pack, and the healers.
She learned about herbs and which plants healed and which ones didn't.  
And that was when Kanaya met  Gavriel.
He was a lanky, handsome wolf, the color of dark, stormy skies and he was a stormy soul. 
Despite his cold persona, Kanaya was persistent. 
She could have him open up to her--and within two years, he did.
Gavriel and Kanaya were best friends;inseparable. 
He cared little for her demoted rank, and she cared little for his high rank.
She was in love and assumed he was, too.
But her heart was broken when she later realized he was now mates with a beautiful, russet female named Rose.
Her soul was shattered.
She had thought...She had actually thought that someone could love her. But now she saw the truth for what it was;no wolf could ever love a crippled, sad, scared, she-wolf who tripped over her own words. 
At the age of 2, Kanaya finally found herself away from home. 
She hoped her mother and father weren't too heartbroken at the loss of her presence, and she hoped Gavriel and Rose had many, many, healthy children--and with her broken heart and all her woes, she was gone, like a shadow chased away by the bright sunlight--looking. For what? She doesn't even know. She's just searching.
Searching for her forever.

Weaknesses: Due to her bad back legs, Kanaya is incapable of running away from danger at a fast pace. She's smaller in size, and weaker, so the femme can be easily taken down and killed.
Strengths: Kanaya is good at making other comfortable around her;perhaps it's because she's so silent and shy that most wolves don't even consider her a threat. Or maybe it's just because she's kind enough to be trusted with one's content. 
Talents: She's good with healing herbs, for small wounds--nothing too drastic. She's also a wonderful nanny--small wolves are her favorite.
Habits: Kanaya tends to stare at couples. Or anyone, really--but only if she knows they aren't looking at her back. She stutters and shakes when nervous. And every now and then, the fem will lose balance and her lower body will tip to the side--in order to save herself from embarrassment, she likes to make it seem as though she had intended to just lay down right then and there the whole entire time instead of having her back legs go limp. 
And she almost always refuses to meet eye contact.
Family: Palla;mother;deceased
Mate: N/A
Pups: N/A
Friends: N/A
Enemies: N/A
Crush: N/A

How did you find us:* I was actually looking at this one site, totally forgot the name now, and sadly, found out that it was closed down, and Shade, I believe, had directed another person to this site on the ooc chatbox and I kinda just clicked on the link and it brought me here? DOes that make any sense? Hahah, but yeah, that's how I got here. 
Secret Password found in "Guidelines": Watagatapitus berry!
"Tell me lies, tell me lies
Make it all sound good."
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Re: Kanaya
Tue Jun 28, 2016 5:22 pm

It's chu <3

A little bird once told me that the only thing that lasts, is hope.

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Re: Kanaya
Tue Jun 28, 2016 7:01 pm

Admin's names are light blue and pale pink and mod's names are in light green. Welcome to the pack! You came from my old site, WolfValley! Sorry acceptance took a bit. I'll notify an admin and have you moved to member group promptly. In the mean time, feel free to ask questions, check out characters, and look around the site.


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Re: Kanaya
Fri Jul 01, 2016 7:40 pm

1} it is me! Hi, pumpkin!
2} Oooh, thank you so much! So excited!
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Re: Kanaya

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