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 A plot's end. [POLL]

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Will you side with Solstice or Jenna?
A plot's end. [POLL] Empty40%A plot's end. [POLL] Empty
 40% [ 4 ]
A plot's end. [POLL] Empty60%A plot's end. [POLL] Empty
 60% [ 6 ]
Total Votes : 10



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A plot's end. [POLL] Empty
A plot's end. [POLL]
Mon Jul 18, 2016 6:22 pm

The evil leader and brother of Solstice, Huttser, has fallen at last. His pack has been brought to shambles, only a few survived. Fearing for their life, they fled, most certainly never to return. While it is time for celebration, the loss of a valuable pack member–a loving mate, a friend, a mom–will weigh heavy on the hearts of the Serenians. The taking of Tundra was unexpected and devastating, and it is hoped that one might find peace of mind knowing that she fought valiantly until her very last breath.

Unfortunately for Solstice, the loss of his mate proved too much. It pushed him to do things he, under normal circumstance, would never dream of doing. After the battle had ended, two rival wolves were discovered to be alive, but unconscious. Jenna and Solstice engaged in a heated argument about the fates of these wolves. Jenna believed they should be nourished back to health and set free, but Solstice only wanted them dead. Fed up with the argument, he tore out both of the unconscious wolves' throats in an instant. Jenna was shocked, in disbelief that Solstice could be so heartless.

Dispute broke out among the pack immediately. Some thought Solstice to be right in his ways, others sided with Jenna, agreeing that all beings deserve a second chance, regardless of their past.



A plot's end. [POLL] Crow_s10

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A plot's end. [POLL]

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