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 Azure (Fixed)

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Azure (Fixed)
Thu Aug 04, 2016 1:12 pm

Name: Azure

Nicknames: N/A

Age: 2

Gender: Female

Rank: Hunter

Species: Gray Wolf (Canis Lupis)

Appearance: Azure has light green eyes, and a overall attractive appearance, she is skinny but not unhealthy, and she has strong legs, to come to her advantage while hunting. A dark gray muzzle is covered in patches of,  Dark red, light brown, black, white, light gray, and orange all blended together in a interesting effect. Slightly longer legs, her long muzzle is very strong, and her fur is slightly wavy in places, (tail, around her eyes, paws, etc) but otherwise is quite long soft and fluffy. Her muscles are clearly visible through her multicolored pelt, ribs are just slightly visible. The fur on her front chest is off white and rather clean looking.

Personality: very sweet and wise, but if you are being intentionally stubborn then she will not hesitate to be firm, stern, or even violent if you get in the way of the pack, or are just generally a enemy, or foe. Azure is very strong, and she takes well to new wolves and ends up being considered a friend to most in the pack. Azure is even known to be a bit flirty at times, but she generally  is just friendly and carrys on with her own job, or rank. Azure will never desire to be a leader sine she does not enjoy putting another wolves well being in her own paws, she makes her true desires hidden, very hard to get a secret out of, though not impossible, very protective of those closest to her.

History: As a pup Azure was treated fairly well before a wildfire struck through the pack territory, Azure being just a week old, doesn't remember her parents or anyone from her old pack for that matter. As Azure was cuddled up in her den, her siblings and pack members no where to be found, a stranger pack came, hoping to steal any of her packs food that may have survived the fire. When they stumbled upon azure, the rest of the leaders pack was insisting on killing her, but the leader, the only normal wolf upon the 9 decided to bring her in, but 3 months after being brought in, the leader wandered into the mountains, never coming back down. Azure now left in the care of the wolves insisting upon killing her, was abused by the wolves, forced to grow up as a chew toy more than anything, pounced on the any of the pack member were bored, being half starved. But this made azure stronger, but azure never fought back. She thought this was how a wolf was supposed to be treated, she watched other pups grow up with full bellys. At one year azure was taught how to hunt, and she was pretty good at it to, it being the only thing to help her get her mind off things, but she was never allowed to eat her own kill, she was only allowed to eat the scraps, mostly nothing more than bone was left, or only allowed to eat one squirrel, each week. Azure was finally forced to start killing small things, no one would know she had killed, like a rabbit or bird. One night azure finally saw a chance to escape, her pack had spotted another pack at the edge of there territory, and the wolf that was supposed to be watching her, had fallen asleep. Now at two years, azure had discovered she was very fast, so she had bolted out of the den and ran across the forest, her old pack right behind her till day two, had they given up, Azure had then found herself in another packs territory, Serenity River Pack, azure had met the leader, and after talking of her past, she was excepted into her new pack as a hunter.

Weaknesses: If the well being on her pack is at risk azure will most likely crumble under the strain.

Strengths: Thinking off the top of her head, and knowing she is a true pack member at heart.

Talents: N/A


Family: Her pack is her only 'family' left.

Mate: N/A


Friends: N/A

Enemy's: N/A

Crush: N/A

How I found this website: On the top 50 best RPGs

Password: -edited out-

Last edited by Azure on Sun Sep 04, 2016 12:39 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Finishing my history :D)
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Re: Azure (Fixed)
Thu Aug 04, 2016 2:41 pm

Admin's names are light blue and pale pink and mod's names are in light green. Welcome to the pack!


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Re: Azure (Fixed)
Thu Aug 04, 2016 8:58 pm

Welcome Aboard!!


Credit to Jens for Avvie and Kaala for Siggie
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Re: Azure (Fixed)

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Azure (Fixed)

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