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Astra Empty
Sat Aug 20, 2016 7:41 pm

Name:* Astra
Age:*19 moons/months
Species:* British Colombian Wolf
Appearance:* Astra is a 3'5 by 6'3 she-wolf. She has a jet black coat of medium length fur which makes her appear as a shadow in the night, practically invisible, with deep green eyes streaked with yellow. What she lacks in brute strength and speed she makes up for in deadly and precise blows.

Personality:* Astra is a very loyal companion to have. If she seems distant when you first meet her it is because she is silently watching and waiting to see if you are a wolf that she can tolerate. Once she opens up to you she is as friendly as any other wolf and loves to be around wolves who share a love for warrior spirit. Astra respects true authority over everything and will willingly comply with a respected dominant wolf in power but, if you are wolf just trying to prove authority over her when you have no power to back you up you will regret you were ever born and she will place one fatally precise blow and it will all be over.

History:* When Astra was barely an adolescent she was found by an old she-wolf pack guardian. The guardian took pity on the poor little pup and adopted Astra as her very own. Before she was taken in though, her birth mother was a part of a rag-tag band of rogues who had absolutely no respect for each other and sadly tore each other apart leaving Astra to fend for herself until she stumbled into the presence of her new pack mother. Because of her raising in the makeshift pack she trained to defend herself using her wits to deal deadly blows in just the right places without too much force. This is how her unique fighting style was nurtured. Growing up knowing that the pack members would not treat her the same as pack born wolves she decided that the only way to survive pack life was to earn their respect, so Astra trains hard every day and sharpens her skills hoping to earn the respect of her fellow pack mates.
Weaknesses:* Astra's weakness is that she is over-protective when it comes to her pack. New wolves are seen as a major threats in her eyes.
Strengths:* Her strengths are her deadly fighting technique and her fierce warrior heart.

How did you find us: This site is #1 on the top 50 Wolf RPG page.
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Astra Empty
Re: Astra
Sun Aug 21, 2016 4:00 pm

Hello Astra, and welcome to SRP!

First things first, before I can accept your app, there are a few things that you need to fix ^^ (as you didn't put a WIP in it, or state anywhere on your app that you are still working on it, I'm just gonna assume that you've completed it). A British Columbian Wolf is not under the allowed canines form, which is located here.

Next, under your appearance is not 100 words, but rather 53. And lastly, you have forgotten these:


Make these changes, and then you'll be good to go dear ^^

Astra Moonst11
Credit to Jens for Avvie and Kaala for Siggie
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