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 Frozen Fangs: a weredog rp

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Frozen Fangs: a weredog rp
Mon Aug 29, 2016 12:02 am

All across the Americas, a blizzard is raging.  Nowhere is safe from its frigid touch.  Anything in its path gets buried in snow.  This horrible weather has been going on for three long years, and very few have survived the impact.

Except the Frozen Fangs.

These dogs, led by their tyrannical overlord Striker, have somehow managed to band together and survive.  Living in the northern parts of Canada, among the peaks of Mount Logan, this pack has to move camp nearly every month to escape the rising snow.  

Lone dogs sometimes make their home in the surrounding area, but watch out.  If Striker finds out, he’ll either force you to join the pack, or worse.  There used to be other packs in the area, but they were all made to integrate with the Frozen Fangs or risk losing their lives.

But there is civil unrest within this pack.  Not all want to be under Striker’s rule.  So there is a rebellion brewing in the back of these dog’s minds.  

Who are you loyal to?


Or yourself?

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Frozen Fangs: a weredog rp

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