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 How to Adopt

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How to Adopt Empty
How to Adopt
Mon Aug 29, 2016 12:21 pm

How to Adopt

In order to adopt a wolf, you will need to create a thread in the awaiting approval section of the forum. A link will be provided. Copy the template below, fill it out, then submit under your main account with the title in this format: Name of wolf being adopted, name of main character, adopting.

Ex: If I were to adopt a wolf named Shay, my application title would be "Shay, Shade, Adopting."

Here is the form you will fill out:

Character to be adopted:
Link to character adoption thread:
How many characters you play (list names):
Name of user who submitted the character:
Why you think you could play this character:
A brief example of roleplay (this should show how you portray the character's personality.):

After filling this out and submitting it, message the owner of the character, letting them know you've submitted an application for their adoptable. In order for you to gain ownership of the character, both the staff and the character's original owner will need to approve.

Submit your filled out form here:


How to Adopt Crow_s10

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How to Adopt

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