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 General Forum Guidelines

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General Forum Guidelines
Fri Jun 13, 2014 3:13 pm



I. Respect everyone.
II. Remain active. If you have joined and have gotten a biography accepted, please try and post on the site at least once a week. If you cannot, please post an "Excuse for Absence" [EFA] in the "Member Updates" forum.
III. We only allow one account per member. Extra characters can be bought in the general store, we ask you add their name and a link to their bio in a field provided in your profile. Your username should be of your main wolf character.
IV. We are an English-speaking forum, so please make sure your posts are in English and can be read and write with relative ease. Some characters can speak in foreign languages if translations provided.
V. We get that certain forms of SPAM (S.tupid P.ointless A.nnoying M.essage(s)) can be entertaining, but just use your judgement in where and how you use it. Absolutely no SPAM in the roleplay boards.
VI. Serenity River prides itself in being family friendly, so any vulgar language, sexual innuendos, condoing illegal behavior or making religious references will not be tolerated and can result in a warning or ban, depending on the severity. (We do allow the use of “omg,” but not the full term.)
VII. Posts made seeking pity or sympathy and made only for that purpose will be removed if found. Save all like-minded posts and rants for the “Vent” forum, please.
VIII. If you see a member breaking a rule, do not hesitate to report them! Just click the little triangle symbol with the exclamation point ('!') on it and follow the form provided. For chatbox reports, please take screenshots or send the entire chat log to a staff member. Do not backseat moderate.
IX. Please abide by Forumotion terms of service at all times.
The secret password for biographies is 'Watagatapitus berry!'.  

OTHER: As of August 15th, 2013, signatures are no longer allowed to be over 500x500 pixels in size. If they are any higher, they will be resized or removed.


I. You cannot start roleplaying until your biography has been accepted and moved to “Approved Biographies” by a staff member.
II. When you first start to roleplay, please begin as you would normally and roleplay as an accepted member of the pack.
III. All in-character posts must consist of at least 100 words. If you are unsure about where you stand, use the count words button on the side of the posting area!
IV. Please include a field that says “Wolves addressed:” at the bottom of all in-character posts and include with it the names of any characters you may have interacted with. If there is none, put N/A.
V. Liquid time (“omnipresence”) is not allowed. You may only be in one thread at a time and you must stay in that thread until you post saying your character has moved somewhere else (or the topic is locked.)
VI. Godmodding and powerplaying are absolutely not allowed and can result in your post being deleted. If you repeat the offense, it can result in a warning.
Please read the Basic Character/Pack FAQ for more information on roleplaying and creating your character.

I. Please do not link to anything that could be considered inappropriate.
II. Do not share any personal information about yourself or other users without parental permission if you are under 18.
III. No flaming. If you feel the need t fight/argue, take it off-site.
Try not to start debates, heated arguments or attempt to 'troll' another user.
IV. Do not roleplay in the Out Of Character Chatbox. A seperate, beta version of an In Character chat roleplay is available for all accepted members if they please.
V. Use your judgement when using SPAM, excessive smilies, CAPS, and punctuation.


Warnings are often sent through PM; suspensions suspend or "ban" you from a certain activity or community feature for a number of days; bans are permanent and general come after the aforementioned.

First Warning: Your first warning is generally for a minor offense or reminder of the rules; it is likely you will not be suspended from anything.

Second Warning: Accompanied by a chatbox, roleplay or PM suspension for a few days depending on where the repeated offense took place.

Third Warning: Accompanied by a one week chatbox, roleplay and PM suspension.

Ban: Can vary in length and can also be omitted at any given time. If you believe you have been banned wrongly, contact the staff by emailing us.

Reasons to get a warning or ban:
-Refusal to listen to reasonable requests from staff members.
-Repeat offenses/and/or the need for constant reminders in regards to our rules.
-Harassing or 'trolling' the site or other members.
-Exploiting other users through PMs (private messages), i.e., badgering for personal information, flirting, etc.
-Plagiarism of artwork or photography or other failure to comply to image terms, i.e., size.
-Jenna just doesn't like you. : D


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General Forum Guidelines

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