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 ThunderWolf Bio

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ThunderWolf Bio
Fri Sep 02, 2016 11:17 am

Name:* ThunderWolf
Nickname(s): Thunder
Age: 25 moons
Gender: Female
Species: Wolf
Appearance:ThunderWolf has dark black fur, golden eyes.
Appears to be joyful and friendly, but has darker things she hides in happy thoughts. When threatened, her eyes start to glow red and her fangs glow white.
She can easily scare of predators with her fearful roar when mad. Normally wears a dark purple-blue worn-down blanket on her back. On Her front left paw
she has a small, white lightning mark. When in planned fights she takes of her worn blanket and puts her dark brown rabbit skin on her back (this tends to help) She
doesn't have many scars except one on her back right leg.
Personality:ThunderWolf has a few friends, and loves to play with them. She is light-Hearted but can sometimes be very stubborn. She can change emotions
easily. Her lightning mark on her paw fills her with determination and pride, which helps her overcome her fears. When angry she loses control and can even
drive her to hurt her friends. She hates other wolves outside her pack, and growls when one comes near her. But courage always flows through her, and she
would do anything to help her pack, even if that meant she had to risk her life to do so.
History: When she was a pup a lightning storm appeared over her. Her mother picked her up to safety, when she dropped her and a jolt hit her mother killing her on the spot. ThunderWolf ran away from shelter when she saw her father get shot down by a lightning jolt too, while carrying a small branch in his teeth. Her sister and brother were already huddling under a rock when thunderwolf started running to her dead parents. She howled at the clouds when a jolt of lightning hit her. her howl turned silent as she fell to the ground. Surprisingly ThunderWolf woke up, to find that the storm had passed. Her parents laid still as she struggled to get on her paws. she was perfectly fine, not a burn
in sight, except a white lightning mark on one of her paws.
Weaknesses: Spiders and water
Strengths: She can control lightning and storm clouds and has sharp fangs.
Talents: lightning and trained for war.
Habits: Howling in storms and sometimes snores.
Family: MoonHeart (Mum,Dead) Silvermoon (Dad, Dead) Pawnight (Brother, Alive location unknown) ShimmerLight (Sister, Alive location unknown)
Mate: None
Pups: None
Friends: None
Enemies: Wolves from other packs
Crush: none

How did you find us:
Googled 'Wolf Games'
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Re: ThunderWolf Bio
Fri Sep 02, 2016 5:47 pm

Thunderwolf, you need to look over this bio and make sure you've followed the character creation guide. A lot of things with this bio will not work on the site.


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ThunderWolf Bio

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