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 Duality: Werewolves vs. Weredogs

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Duality: Werewolves vs. Weredogs
Fri Sep 09, 2016 8:57 am

A Werewolf & Weredog RP

Duality is a werewolf verses weredog RP set in the fictional city of Cilemloau, British Columbia. There are two packs at this time, the Red Fangs (werewolves) and Bone Gnawers (weredogs). The city is growing rapidly, encroaching on the lands of the Red Fangs, and forcing them back farther and farther into the Yukon wilds. They have fled long enough. Now they stand and fight. The Bone Gnawers seek to protect the interests of man, but can they stand up to the werewolves?

- A brand new site
- High positions still available
- All levels of roleplayers welcome
- Account per character
- 100 word count minimum
- Rated 2-1-1

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Duality: Werewolves vs. Weredogs

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