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 Blackblood Alliance

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BBA Staf

Blackblood Alliance
Sat Oct 01, 2016 10:36 pm


Take a look at the new official forum for the Blackblood Alliance webcomic, by Kay Fedewa and Fable!

Following a new storyline, explore the ancient forests of Rubicund or the fragrant valleys of Inaria, all the while developing your character and serving your pack. We welcome all characters who fit the forum's timeline - wolves, sabers, horses, and more! Join a pack, travel as a rogue, and someday maybe even make your own group! We're a semi-realistic realm intent on discovering new creativity within world of Kay's famous wolves!

Our community offers more than just roleplaying, and is excited to build its membership with unique and energetic people! Stop on by, ask questions, and see why others have been BBAer's for more than a decade!

[ Join Us ][ Comic Previews ]
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Blackblood Alliance

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