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Wed Oct 19, 2016 9:38 pm


  Nickname(s): Sly, Stupid, Idiot (All from her past but none currently)

  Age: 19 moons

  Gender: She-Wolf



  Appearance:Korudo is about 34 inches tall, with a slightly bigger-than-average build. She has a black/brown strip down her spine, with a gradient from grey to white on the rest of the body. Elegant and beautiful, with a longer, thicker coat, making her shed more. She has piercing icy blue eyes with specks of mint green that shimmer in the sunlight, with shorter claws and smaller feet, with tougher pads. She also has a long thick tail. Tight skin and jowls, which hide bigger fangs. In a darker light, however, her coat seems much more prominent. She has a slightly stretched stomach however (see history for more detail).

  Personality:* Korudo is a naturally introverted wolf, who prefers to focus on the task in front of her than look back to admire the sunset. But, when it comes to it, she can interact with others fairly normally. She rarely stays still, and can hardly think of anything better than chasing rabbits and other small prey until dawn break. Yes, she is young, but she’s still one of the strongest wolves in the pack, and fast enough to catch a hare if it is close enough and she is not already tired. She is extremely loyal and would pay her life for her pack.

  History:Korudo has had numerous bad memories. As a pup, she and her mother were stolen from their den and sold to a breeding camp where she grew up. Her mother was killed there, and she barely escaped with her life. While there, she had more than 3 litters forcefully, and hopes that someday she can find a kind, gentle mate and have a litter that she herself can raise and see grow up. Aside from that, her father was horrible. He spent more time with the litter than her mother, and he was known to attack the pups for fun. Korudo is afraid of cutting her fur due to this as she doesn’t want anyone seeing how weak she once was, and therefore has a longer coat than many other wolves. But she manages to keep appearances up, for the sake of her soul. She must block the memories out. Otherwise her future will crumble to dust and her past will take over. She must never let her guard down, in fear of becoming a pup again.
  Weaknesses: She has little self control when someone really angers her, which often leads to trouble.

  Strengths: Is fast and very strong, so therefore can hunt effortlessly.

  Talents: Keeping up appearances and hunting.

  Habits: Shutting others out so as to not feel the pain.


  Mate:None Currently (But several if you count her history)

  Pups:None Currently (But again, several if you count her history)

  Enemies:Anyone she doesn't know, Her Father, Humans.
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